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How to make the cutest handmade dog toys.

Upcycle Your Jeans Into The Cutest Dog Toys.

Do you have a dog? And do you like to spoil it with dog toys? Well, have you ever thought of making your own handmade dog toys?   Apparently us Brits as well as being tea drinkers we love our dogs too!   I'm not fussed about tea...
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Brilliant Upcycled Denim Storage Ideas

My Favourite Five Upcycled Denim Storage Ideas

Old jeans are probably my favourite material to upcycle with. I have a trunk in my bedroom stuffed full of old jeans waiting to be repurposed. Here I round up some of the best ideas of upcycling those jeans into some fantastic denim storage.   There are a lot...
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DIY Storage Box Using Denim (Ikea Pingla Hack)

Denim DIY Storage Box an Ikea Pingla Hack

DIY Storage Box - Everyday I pick up "bits and bobs" round the house and I am never sure where to put them. Therefore I decided to make a fun storage box for this random stuff with no home, using old jeans and a cardboard box.   I actually covered...
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Denim DIY Draught Excluder (Door and Window)

Upcycled Denim DIY Draught Excluder for Doors and Window

DIY Draught Excluder : My victorian town house is lovely and cool in the summer and unfortunately cold and draughty in the winter.   Like many old houses that cling on to their original fixtures the wind howls through the gaps in the old doors and the...
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