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A Simple, Affordable and beautiful DIY Feather Lampshade

IKEA Rigolet Hack A DIY Feather Lampshade

Slowly I've been doing up my dining room and I'm loving the results. It's becoming one of a bit quirky room with a touch of glam. And I've just added to the fun with this beautiful feather lampshade.   On a recent trip to London, I popped into one...
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How to Make Unique Scaffolding Board Furniture

Tutorial For An Upcycled Chair and Scaffolding Board Furniture Bench

I can't walk past a skip (dumpster) without having a quick look to check if there is anything worth salvaging. Much to my husband's annoyance I often return from walking the dog with some dodgy piece of junk from someone's skip.   I knew I'd scored when...
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How To Use Wallpaper To Decoupage Table Top

Get A Designer Look: Decoupage Furniture With Wallpaper

My friend Wendy's dining room table is not just for eating on, she and her sons also paint and craft on it. The table is well used and as a result full of scratches, marks and even a great big dirty iron burn. It was time to...
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How To Make Unique Wall Unit From Upcycled Drawers

Using Upcycled Drawers to Make Sweet Bathroom Storage

I love it when I have one of my little EUREKA moments. I had one the other day.   I'd been looking for some extra storage in my bathroom and hadn't liked anything I'd seen in the shops. Also, I didn't really want to spend much...
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Amazing and unique ways to repurpose vintage suitcases

Unique Upcycles of Vintage Suitcases You Might Not Have Thought Of

Vintage suitcases aren't very practical for traveling with these days, but they do look good!   They are heavy and don't have inbuilt wheels. Lugging them around is like a gym workout. Now everyone wants a modern suitcase with wheels just to save their backs...
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The Best Chalk Paint For A Unique Cupboard Upcycle

Using The Best Chalk Paint, Decoupage and Decals for A Creative Cupboard Upcycle

It's about time I had a proper grown-up dining room. So slowly I have been moving out all my craft clutter and doing up the room. Included in this transformation is my fabulously creative cupboard upcycle, with the best chalk paint.   I'd bought this...
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