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Cute Sweater Upcycled Christmas Ornaments

Sweater Upcycled Christmas Ornaments using Cookie Cutters

I love this time of the year when I get to indulge in my Christmas crafting. Last week, I started with my upcycled advent calendar.   The material for this weeks upcycled Christmas craft was felt from old sweaters.   Crafting with felted wool sweaters is lovely, as the fabric...
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Luggage Tag Burlap Map Pillows (Hessian Pillows)

Fun & Unique Luggage Tag Burlap Map Pillows (Hessian)

I love maps, traveling and fun crafts that are personal in some way. I decided to put all this together and make these unique luggage tag burlap pillows using map fabric and burlap (hessian).   These map pillows have a real vintage vibe. The luggage tags...
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Tropical Fabric Birdhouse Decoration

Make your own Gorgeous Tropical Fabric Birdhouse Decoration

I love the tropical trend at the moment, I think it's because it remind me of my childhood growing up in the far east. To add a bit of tropical fun to my decor I made this gorgeous tropical fabric birdhouse.   This birdhouse is basically an...
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Flag Upcycled Denim Bunting 2 Ways

Patiriotic Upcycled Bunting

It feels like ages since I've upcycled anything with denim, my last denim post was my scrap denim Easter eggs. I do have some denim upcycling projects in the pipeline but I thought I'd show you how to make some fabulous flag upcycled denim bunting.   I'm participating in a...
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Upcycled Sweater Bunny Pillows /Cushion

Upcycled wool sweaters into bunny pillows

Bunny Pillows: It definately feels like spring now, so I thought I'd make some fun pillows/cushions to celebrate the new season. In my large stash of old woolen sweaters I had a few lovely soft pink cashmere ones, perfect to turn into a cute bunny pillow. These pillows are...
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How to make a handy iPhone Denim Pocket Pillow

Upcycle Your Jeans Into A Really Useful Denim Pocket Pillow For Your iPhone

What is it about teenagers that they seem to spend over half their lives in bed. When I was a teenager, I spent a lot of my time listen to music in my room. Now that my boys are teenagers they...
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