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How To Make A Blue Jean Rug, 9 Unique Ways

9 Clever And Unique Ways To Make a Blue Jean Rug

One of the best things about denim besides the wonderful shades of indigo is that it is hard wearing. This makes it a great fabric to repurpose into a blue jean rug.   There is more than one way to make a blue jean rug. ...
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How To Make Indoor Herb Garden Planters From Denim

Repurposed Jeans Into Indoor Herb Garden Planters

I'm not very good at growing herbs so I cheat and buy the pots of fresh herbs from the supermarket. This week I made vertical indoor herb garden planters out of denim for these pots of herbs.   The herbs now hang vertically next to the cooker so they are...
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How To Make A Stylish DIY Floor Pouf

Make A Velvet DIY Floor Pouf From A Cable Stool

I knew when I rescued a small cable spool out of the skip (dumpster) I would be able to transfer it into something special one day. It may have taken me 18months to get round to it but I used it to make a stylish...
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