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Learn How To Make Simple Gorgeous Rustic Stars

DIY Denim And Burlap Rustic Stars Ornaments

My favourite kind of crafts has two key elements. One, they are free or almost free as they use stuff you already have or involve recycling. Secondly, they are sweet and simple. Well, I can safely say that these gorgeous rustic stars tick both these boxes.   I...
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Homemade Paper Envelope Advent Calendar

DIY Paper Envelope Advent Calendar

For me, the countdown to Christmas is as exciting as the event itself. I just love all the buildup and anticipation.   What better way to start the countdown to Christmas than with an advent calendar. Homemade ones are the best, as you get to choose what you put...
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Easy Steps For A Unique Red Cabinet Upcycle

TV Cabinet Upcycle With A Hint Of Marimekko

I really don't like the cabinet that the telly sits on. However, it is the right size and the cupboard is great for hiding away the computer and stuff that runs with it.   The heavy mango wood of the cupboard just doesn't go with the rest of the...
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How To Make A Cool Map Rock Keychain

Printing Maps Onto Rocks To Make A Unique Keychain

I finally decided to tackle that kitchen drawer. You know the one that you stuff full of things you don't know where else to put but you think will be useful.   The one you can hardly shut as it's full to the brim of loose batteries,...
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How To Make A Denim Wreath With Felt Roses

Recycle Sweater Scraps and Jeans into a Denim Wreath

One of the things I have discovered since blogging is that door wreaths aren't just for Christmas. I know this not a life-changing discovery but as a Brit, it was a revelation to me!   Now I make door wreaths no matter what the season or what my...
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How To Update A Kitchen With Painted Worktops

Using Floor Paint For My Kitchen Painted Worktops

If there is one thing I would love to do in my home, is to install a new kitchen. It's also probably the most expensive home improvement too! With 2 boys currently at University and one more to go, there isn't the budget for it at...
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