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DIY Marimekko Shoes

DIY your own Marimekko Shoes

I love Marimekko especially their iconic Unikko fabric print. After coming across comiconfamily's blog post about making comic shoes, I decided to make my own Marimekko shoes but with a Marimekko print. I am really pleased with how these bright summery shoe turned out, so...
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How To Make Gorgeous Fabric Birdhouses For Your Home

How to Make Homemade Fabric Birdhouses to Decorate Your Home

Don't you just love walking into homes that have interesting things on the wall? It's often what really makes a house unique and homely. The stuff on the wall or the mantle gives the home personality. It doesn't just have to be pictures on...
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The “WOOF” instead of “The Scream”

It was my husband’s birthday weekend, grandparents were watching the kids, so of course the city break destination was going to be Oslo. After many idyllic childhood summers  spent in the fjords, Paul always hankers to go back to Norway. I’d been to Bergen and the Fjords a few times, however I’d never been to Oslo so...
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Make an awesome DIY glasses case from your old jeans

Upcycled jeans DIY glasses case with killer pocket feature

The sun is finally shining and my shades have come out. I'm fed up of damaging my sunglasses when I'm not wearing them. They normally get lost to the depths of my handbag or crushed in my pockets. To stop this happening again I designed...
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Supersized cross stitch cushion

Supersized Cross Stitch Cushion

Supersized cross stitch is really easy and much faster compared to conventional cross stitch (some people call it needlepoint). I have used this technique to make a cushion which commemorates my favourite song.   “Sit Down” by James may seem an odd choice for your wedding song especially when you are trying to...
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Upcycled Badminton Shuttlecocks (Birdies)

Upcycled Badminton Shuttlecocks Birdies

Upcycled Badminton Shuttlecocks: What can you do with a feather shuttlecock besides play badminton with it ?     Almost every night of the week someone in my household plays badminton, whether its family nights, club nights or county level. Often they play with feather shuttlecocks. If you don't play badminton you may...
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