Make A Unique Map Mason Jar Bank For A Wonderful Gift

How To Create A Travel Themed Mason Jar Bank

I’ve been wanting to do a Mason jar craft for ages. It totally amazes me all the different ways you can upcycle a Mason jar, Angie of Country Chic Cottage must be the queen of Mason jar hacks and crafts. I have finally found my perfect one and that is to combine it with maps and make a travel-themed Mason jar bank.
By the way, we call Mason jars, Kilner jars in the UK. As the jars here are made by the Kilner family and have Kilner embossed on the side but otherwise, they are exactly the same.
As usual, I couldn’t decide on just one map so I made two map mason jar banks. One for my son who is saving up to go backpacking around South America. The other is for me and my husband to try and save for our next weekend city break.
When my friend returned from New York with a pack of city map paper napkins (Mapkins). I knew that I would eventually find something to make with them!
This is a very affordable craft that would make a fantastic gift for anyone with wanderlust. The Mason jar bank is also very simple and excluding drying time takes about an hour to make.
Saving money for your travels can be fun with a map Mason jar bank.  These gorgeous upcycled mason jars decoupaged with paper napkins would make a lovely gift for anyone with wanderlust.  #maps #masonjar #decoupage #modpodge #masonjarbank
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What you need to make a Map mason jar bank


How to make a map mason jar bank

  1. The first thing is to spray paint the outside of the mason jar either white or cream.
    Spray painted mason jar

  3. Whilst waiting for the paint to dry, using a rotary cutter and mat, cut paper napkins into strips about 1″ wide.
    World map paper napkin cut

  5. Seperate the top printed ply from the other 2 plys of the paper napkin strips.
    Separating top ply from a napkins

  7. Dilute the mod podge to a half and half water to glue mixture. Cover the painted jar with the glue mixture and then carefully lay the paper napkins in strips onto the jar.
    Decoupaging a mason jar with paper napkins

  9. Use a dry clean foam brush to carefully press the paper napkin strip onto the jar.
    Mason Jar Decoupage

  11. Carry on adding the strips of paper napkin until the whole jar is covered. Take care to line up each strip in the right place.
    Decoupage mason jar

  13. To finish off the decoupage cover the whole jar with a layer or two of Mod Podge, this will act as a protective varnish.

    Making the bank lid

  15. Remove the silicone insert from the Mason jar lid. Draw around it onto a piece of cardboard and cut out the cirle. Cut a coin slit into the cardboard piece and then decoupage it with a bit of the map napkin.
    Drawing round mason jar lid
    Mason jar map money box lid

  17. For the final touch add a personalized luggage tag.


You can get City Mapkins for lots of different cities so you might be able to find on for a particular City you’d love to visit. What city would you choose?
New York Map Mason Jar Bank
Map mason jar bank 2 ways
Saving money for your travels can be fun with a map Mason jar bank.  These gorgeous upcycled mason jars decoupaged with paper napkins would make a lovely gift for anyone with wanderlust.  #maps #masonjar #decoupage #modpodge #masonjarbank
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New york mason jar bank
World Map mason jar bank


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  3. What a darling, meaningful idea! I love how clever and sweet this idea is and kids and adults can both do and use this cute craft project! I’d find a map of New Zeland and add a tag that reads, “Dream Trip: Coins for traveling!” Bravo!

    • Thank you! New Zealand would also be a dream trip for me too, it’s somewhere I’ve never been but would love to go.

  4. What a great idea. I have a case of Mason jars that I picked up to do some canning one summer. Who was I kidding , right? Any who, still have the jars ans lots of really nice napkins. I have a pack of lovely peacock napkins that I plan to use for this project.

    • Thank you. I’m sure the Peacock napkins will look lovely on a mason jar.

  5. I use mason jars for all sorts of food storage and a few other items too but never thought to take them to a new money saving level like this. I might see if the boys would like to create something similar so they can save up for future trips. #GoingGreen

  6. What a super fun idea. I love how well they came out and doing the lid to match was just a great touch too. Such a great gift for map lovers.

  7. Love these, what a great idea for holiday savings, kids leaving home etc. Great post #GoingGreen

  8. These are just brilliant, such a clever idea and they look really good. Might have to give these a try.
    Thank you for sharing.


  9. These are really lovely. What a great way to reuse an old jar. They’d fit in nicely in our ‘travel’ themed downstairs toilet. #GoingGreenLinky

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  11. fab idea, i guess i could use christmas, birthday wrap etc jars to save for different occasions, i’ve got quite a few jars without the glass lids i could epicycle #goinggreen

    • Thank you, Christmas and Birthday wrap would work well too. You can buy replacement lids.

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  13. What a great technique! I didn’t have any napkins, so I tried it with gift wrap and it worked perfectly! Thank you!❤️

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  16. I adore these map jars. These would make great party favors. I can’t wait to start making a bunch of my own.

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  18. You combined two of my favorite things maps and mason jars. Thank you for sharing at Snickerdoodle and I am featuring your map banks at the party today.

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  20. What lovely old jars! It’s neat that you didn’t have to age the lids yourself to match the maps’ vintage feel.

    • Thank you, Natasha. The lids had just rusted all by themselves naturally.

  21. These ‘travel jars’ are so gorgeous! Love how you’ve joined the map together, so clever!

    I’m featuring this project this weekend on DIY Salvaged Junk Projects. Thanks for linking up! 🙂

  22. I love anything with maps and this is a delight!

    • Thank you Maria. There is something about maps that just makes them so appealing.

  23. Someone bought you map napkins??? How brilliant, I guess all your friends know how brilliant you are with maps! These are perfect, love them.

    • Thank you. All my friends and family know about my map,obsession, it’s pretty obvious when you walk in my house.

  24. Oh I LOVE these! And — I know that you said you found the jars at the back of the cupboard but I LOVE the rusted lids!! They wouldn’t look half as effective if they’d got shiny lids. Aaah they really look fab Claire — thanks so much for sharing!! Cxx #HomeEtc — PS is Modge Podge the same as PVA?

    • Thank you, Caro. In most cases you can use PVA instead of Mod Podge and I often do but it’s slightly different. Mod Podge is especially designed for decoupage crafts. In this case you will probably be ok with PVA or a decoupage glue.

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  26. These are so fun, Claire! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm–pinned!

  27. These are amazing!!! The rusted rings add a charming element to the jars. Thank you for suggesting Mapkins, heading there now.

  28. I really love these. They turned out so beautifully! Great job and thanks for sharing on To Grandma’s House We Go!

    • Thank you so much, I’m also really pleased how they turned out. I think the trick was doing the napkins in strips.

  29. Those turned out so amazing Claire. Cutting the Mapkins into strips like that finishes it off beautifully. I never realized you could actually get something like that either. I’ll have to go see if they’ll ship to South Africa. I don’t recall seeing them in any of the crafts stores here

    • Thank you, Michelle. You’re more likely to find the napkins in tourist souvenir gift shops than craft stores, so check there first.

  30. What a fantastic idea! Thank you so much for sharing it at the Friday Favorites Linky Party. Cheers!

  31. I’ve never seen map napkins before. They’re awesome and I love your jar banks, Claire.

    • Thank you, Julia. I’m on the look out for some Hong Kong city Mapkins

  32. They look so effective! Great idea for a money box. Thanks for sharing. #HOMEETC

  33. I had no idea that one can purchase map napkins. What a great idea. Your project instructions are very easy.

  34. Great idea, especially to teach kids how to save $ for something they want. Love how rusted the caps of the jars are.

    • Thank you, Victoria. Unfortunately, it’s also easy to raid, just take the lid off.

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