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  1. Skaie

    What a darling, meaningful idea! I love how clever and sweet this idea is and kids and adults can both do and use this cute craft project! I’d find a map of New Zeland and add a tag that reads, “Dream Trip: Coins for traveling!” Bravo!

  2. Shibhion Simone

    What a great idea. I have a case of Mason jars that I picked up to do some canning one summer. Who was I kidding , right? Any who, still have the jars ans lots of really nice napkins. I have a pack of lovely peacock napkins that I plan to use for this project.

  3. Rosie (@greenrosielife)

    I use mason jars for all sorts of food storage and a few other items too but never thought to take them to a new money saving level like this. I might see if the boys would like to create something similar so they can save up for future trips. #GoingGreen

  4. Name*

    These are just brilliant, such a clever idea and they look really good. Might have to give these a try.
    Thank you for sharing.


  5. chickenruby

    fab idea, i guess i could use christmas, birthday wrap etc jars to save for different occasions, i’ve got quite a few jars without the glass lids i could epicycle #goinggreen

  6. Caro | The Twinkle Diaries

    Oh I LOVE these! And — I know that you said you found the jars at the back of the cupboard but I LOVE the rusted lids!! They wouldn’t look half as effective if they’d got shiny lids. Aaah they really look fab Claire — thanks so much for sharing!! Cxx #HomeEtc — PS is Modge Podge the same as PVA?

    • Claire Armstrong

      Thank you, Caro. In most cases you can use PVA instead of Mod Podge and I often do but it’s slightly different. Mod Podge is especially designed for decoupage crafts. In this case you will probably be ok with PVA or a decoupage glue.

  7. Michelle Leslie

    Those turned out so amazing Claire. Cutting the Mapkins into strips like that finishes it off beautifully. I never realized you could actually get something like that either. I’ll have to go see if they’ll ship to South Africa. I don’t recall seeing them in any of the crafts stores here


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