DIY Used Postage Stamp Christmas Tags

DIY Postage Stamp Christmas Tags

Christmas Tags : I normally always make my own Christmas tags, in a previous I post showed my upcycled denim tags. These postage stamp Christmas tags are really easy to make and can be personalised to the recipient. They also cost very little and are a...
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Upcycled Monogrammed Denim Gift Tag

Homemade Denim gift tag

Every year I like to make my own Christmas gift tags, especially for my crafty pals who appreciate them. In fact, my friend Wendy has kept all the tags I've made her over the years and hangs them on the tree. If you have been following my blog you...
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DIY Colourful Felted Acorn Wreath

DIY Coloured Felted Acorn Wreath

I don't usually put a Christmas wreath on my front door, but this year I decided I would. In my craft cupboard I had a load of coloured felted acorns I'd made for a previous craft project, I decided to use them for my wreath. To show off these...
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12 Classy Homemade Monogrammed Gifts

12 Stylish Homemade Monogrammed Gifts

I find that homemade Christmas gifts are always the ones you remember the most, they are often the most thoughtful and unique gifts and monogrammed gifts are all that more personal and special.   Here I have round up of 12 of the most stylish homemade monogrammed gift ideas.   Here I've rounded... 				</div>
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