The Best Superhero Crafts and DIY’s for All

12 Awesome Superhero Crafts and DIY's(not just for kids)

  Some people never grow out of their love of superheroes, like my husband.   Paul has been collecting old Flash and Green Lantern Comics since he was a boy, and I have been working on my own superhero craft to celebrate his collection. I decided to translate one...
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Upcycled vintage suitcase side table

Upcycled Vintage Suitcase Side Table

I found a gorgeous mustardy yellow vintage suitcase, which I upcycled into a fabulous side table. Not only that, I added extra character to the case with some vintage luggage labels. You can download these vintage luggage labels here for free. This vintage suitcase side...
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How to Make an Upcycled Window Herb Planter

DIY Upcycled Window and Tin Cans Herb Planter

Turn a discarded old window into a gorgeous garden feature of an upcycled window herb planter.   When a good friend recently had new windows, she was going to discard the hundred-year-old sashes she'd replaced. Luckily I managed to stop her!   Wendy was a bit skeptical about my plans...
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It’s so Easy to Paint Your Own Giant Wall Art

A simple way to paint your own giant wall art

As well as crafting, I love to paint. Not having a formal art background has never stopped me from painting and creating. My craft buddy Wendy and I have a thing about painting our dogs, admittedly she is a bit better at it than...
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Upcycled Sweater Bunny Pillows /Cushion

Upcycled wool sweaters into bunny pillows

Bunny Pillows: It definately feels like spring now, so I thought I'd make some fun pillows/cushions to celebrate the new season. In my large stash of old woolen sweaters I had a few lovely soft pink cashmere ones, perfect to turn into a cute bunny pillow. These pillows are...
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