Supersized cross stitch cushion

Supersized Cross Stitch Cushion

Supersized cross stitch is really easy and much faster compared to conventional cross stitch (some people call it needlepoint). I have used this technique to make a cushion which commemorates my favourite song.
“Sit Down” by James may seem an odd choice for your wedding song especially when you are trying to encourage everyone to dance.  It is, however, our song, and it takes us back to that fateful student party in Nottingham.  Not only did we meet for the first time, we danced all night to “Sit Down “.  It was May 1991, still the era of mixtapes; the iPod hadn’t been invented.   “Sit Down” was the anthem of the night, played at least half a dozen times as the party mixtape continually played over and over again on a loop.

'92 Party mix (1)
So what better way to immortalize this song than to make it into a cushion? And that’s exactly what I did. I used the the song title as a design for a  supersized cross stitch cushion.
Add some fun to your sofa with this retro cushion.  Supersized cross stitch (needlepoint), big stitches and big wool so faster than your normal cross stitch.  Free pattern.
sit down cushion2

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How I made the supersized cross stitched cushion

To make the supersized cross stitch cushion I used a 7 count even weave canvas which was 55cm x 55cm.   This canvas should give you enough for pattern area of 120 stitches by 120 stitches, with a 5cm border.  For the supersized cross stitches I used Appleton tapestry wool.   The chart below shows the exact colours and amount I used (you can, of course, pick your own preferred colours).    I used a size 18 tapestry needle to cross stitch with the wool, and I just used one a simple cross stitch for the cushion.    The pattern guide for the cushion is as shown below.  I also made sure that my stitches all went in the same direction.





“Sit Down” supersized cross stitch pattern

Supersized-cross-stitch- cushion- pattern

Making up the supersized cross stitch into a cushion

When the cross stitch was finished I used some plain material to make a simple envelope at the back of the cushion. If you are not sure how to do this there is a tutorial on craftaholicsanonymous.  Or if you prefer you can follow one on youtube like this one below.

The cushion sits proudly on the sofa and is a sentimental reminder of that fateful party way back when.
Make this fun supersized cross stitch pillow and add some humour to your sofa.  Unique free pattern.
If you want to see another one of my supersized cross stitch patterns then click here to see my “MIND THE GAP” draught excluder.

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  1. […]       If you like the “SIT DOWN” cross stitch pillow in the picture, click here for a free pattern and tutorial. […]

  2. […] denim.   I love using puns and words with personal significance with my DIY crafts. I made a “Sit Down” cushion, not only is Sit Down by James our wedding song but it’s an apt phrase for a cushion. […]

  3. I love this pillow and do plan on making it. I am having trouble locating the 7 count, online and in my local stores. Would you let me know where to find it please? Thanks 🙂

    • Claire Armstrong

      I got my canvas here It’s at the bottom of the page. If you search for tapestry canvas rather than cross stitch you may find it elsewhere

      • Thank you for the quick reply 🙂 I appreciate it, and will go there now.

        • Claire Armstrong

          Your welcome

  4. Beautiful memories and a great way to re-capture your favourite song.

    • Claire Armstrong

      Thank you, the words “Sit Down” were also crying out for a cushion.

  5. This pillow turned out beautifully! I’m glad to hear you used thicker thread — when I saw that it was cross-stitch my first thought was, “Well crap, that must have taken forever!” I’ve never tried cross-stitch, but this really makes me want to try it out! Thanks for sharing!

    • Claire Armstrong

      Thanks, using tapestry wool and 7 count fabric really does speed up the cross stitch. Great for larger projects.

  6. Kerry

    How romantic! The oversized stitching looks really cozy and upbeat.

    • Claire Armstrong

      Thank you

  7. Your pillow is completely and utterly awesome! Has such a retro feel, and it is just beautifully laid out. Love it!

    • Claire Armstrong

      Thank you

  8. Wow, this looks awesome! I love the connection it has to your wedding! Thank you for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty with us!

    • Claire Armstrong

      Thank you

  9. Love it and actually looks exactly like needlepoint, been wanting to make a retro pillow like this…..thanks so much for the great inspiration, still hoping to make one of your cactuses. Thanks for sharing on craft schooling Sunday!

    • Claire Armstrong

      Thank you

  10. I’ve never cross-stitched on 7-count before. It looks great! I love the colors and patterns.

    • Claire Armstrong

      Thank you. Using 7 count is great for quick projects and home furnishings.

  11. Looks very good. Is it easy to do?

    • Claire Armstrong

      It’s very easy because your using tapestry wool its big stitches and quicker than normal cross stitch

  12. The cushion looks very retro and I love the fact that your wedding song works perfectly giving it a quirky edge.

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