DIY Fabric Poppy Seed Heads

Make these gorgeous fabric poppy seed heads  from fabric scraps and swatches

Cut Out Template 

Use any fabric scraps to draw around template and cut out six pieces.  You will only need a piece about 20cm by 15cm.

Hand Sewn

Use a simple blanket stitch to sew the edges together.  It's an easy craft to do on the couch whilst watching a box set.

Stuff the poppy seed head with fiberfill from an old pillow and sew it shut.   Fray the fabric at the top by pulling out the loose threads.

Cover a flora wire stem with a thin strip of the fabric.  Then glue it to the bottom of the poppy pod.

Experiment with other scraps of fabric.  Denim from old jeans works really well and is easy to fray.

Make a bunch of these poppy seed heads and display them in a vase.  You can make them in fabrics to match your home decor.

A good source of fabric to use are free fabric swatches that you get from furniture stores,  I love to use velvet sofa swatches to make mine.

The poppy seeds look great in different colours.  I made some to match my couch by using the free swatches I got when choosing a cover.

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Full Tutorial

Make these cute fabric mushrooms.  There is a free pattern and they are just as easy to make.

More Scraps?