This is one snake plant that you will not be able to kill.  As it's made from a pair of jeans.  This is a simple craft anyone could do.

I gave my husband one of my snake plants for his home office.  Within a couple of weeks it was dead! (He'd overwatered it!)

So I decided to make him a faux one he couldn't kill.  I used his old jeans for this!  I made the leaves from the legs.

To replicate the mottled and veregated look of snake plant leaves, I brushed the denim with household bleach.

Also to make it so that the leaves could be bent and twisted like the real thing, I added some wire to each one.

To plant these faux denim snake plant leaves, I used cork board.  Which I cut to fit exactally into a plant pot.

I even used cactus gravel on the base to complete the authentic look of this fun faux denim snake plant.

My husband loves his new snake plant.  And there is no chance of him killing this one with kindness, by overwatering it.

I don't just make fake plants out of upcycled jeans, I've also made many flowers like these beautiful roses.

I've even made denim taxidermy like with these moths made from the scraps from other denim crafts. For more denim ideas visit