You can upcycle some old empty tin cans into the cutest Easter hunt baskets.  You are best with the shorter tin cans.

The other thing you will need is some gift wrap scraps in birght spring patterns.  I keep all the papers from my Birthday gifts.

First wash the tin cans in hot soapy water and remove all labels.  Then spray paint the inside in a spring colour.

Measure the outside of the tin can and cut the gift wrap to fit. Then decoupage around the outside.

Use an awl to punch two holes into the side of the tin cans.  And at the same time make a hole in the centre of a wine cork..

Thread garden wire through the cork to make a handle.  Attach it to the tin can through the punched holes and using pliers.

These tin can Easter buckets only take a few minutes to make.  It's fun to make a few of them in different colours and sizes..

Fill the buckets with Easter treats for the kids.  Or use them for flowers  and as spring planters for the table.

They can aslo be used as tin can planters like these Marimekko planters.  You'll find lots of cool ideas for making tin can planters on the blog.