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How To Make Cute Upcycled Easter Baskets From Tin Cans

Inside: A tutorial on how to use tin cans of various sizes into cute upcycled Easter baskets/buckets.

Before I even opened my Birthday gifts, I was oohing and ahhing! The gift wrap was gorgeous!

So instead of tearing it to find what was inside quickly, I carefully removed the sellotape and unfolded the paper. I wanted to preserve as much of the paper as possible for crafting.

The paper had spring vibes with bright colours and simple patterns. It made it perfect for making these cute Easter tin can buckets. But they would also make pretty spring tin can planters.

DIY Upcycled Easter Baskets

This is a very affordable upcycle made from repurposed household waste materials. It only takes a few minutes to complete each Easter bucket.

Fill them with your favourite Easter treats, or use them for buckets on an Easter egg hunt.

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Materials Used

  • Tin cans – Small shorter tin cans work best. You don’t want the upcycled Easter baskets to be too tall.
  • Spring gift wrap or other paper. My gift wrap was from a local company Cambridge Imprint. Check your local gift and bookstores for lovely printed gift wraps.
  • Rotary paper cutter and mat.
  • Spray paint in spring colours.
  • Wine corks or wooden cotton reel spools.
  • Garden wire or the wire from an old coat hanger.
  • Awl with a wooden handle for piercing holes into the tin cans.
  • Pliers
  • Matte Mod Podge and a foam brush.
What you need to make tin can upcycled Easter baskets

How To Make The Tin Can Buckets

Step 1: Wash the tin cans in hot soapy water and remove any residual labels. Then dry them and spray paint the inside of the cans to match your gift wrap.

Top tip: I use a box outside to spray paint small objects like tin cans.

Sparying the inside of tin cans

Step 2: Measure the circumference and height of the tin can.

Measuring the circumference and diameter of the tin cans

Step 3: Cut the gift wrap paper to these measurements. And then, using decoupage glue, stick it to the outside of the tin cans.

Top Tip: Add another Mod Podge layer to the decoupage’s top to protect the paper on the tin cans. The glue will dry clear and act as a protective varnish.

If you don’t have any spring paper, another option is to use paper napkins to decoupage the tin cans.

Cutting the gift wrap paper
Decoupage tin can with spring gift wrap

Step 4: Add a wire handle to turn the decorated tin can into an upcycled Easter basket. First, use the awl two to punch holes into the side of the tin can.

Punching the hole in the tin can with an awl

Step 5: Make a hole through the centre of the wine cork using the awl. Then cut a length of wire long enough for a handle. Thread the cork onto the wire.

Threading wire through wine cork to make an upcycled bucket handle.

Step 6: Finish off by attaching the wire to the tin cans through the holes. Use the pliers to twist the ends of the wire to secure them.

Adding wire handle to upcycled tin can Easter baskets

The Finished Upcycled Easter Baskets

Upcycled tin can Easter basket

I made a collection of these Easter baskets in various sizes and colours. For some of the tin can bucket handles, I used a wooden cotton reel spool for the handles instead of an old wine cork.

Upcycled tin can Easter baskets in various sizes and colours.

Fill them with Easter treats or flowers.

Upcycled tin can Easter baskets.
Upcycled tin can spring buckets.
tin can Easter buckets

Other Tin Can & Easter Crafts

You’ll find more awesome Easter craft ideas for adults and more decoupage crafts here.

For a slightly different look, there is a collection of vintage Easter bunny images you could use for this craft.

Other spring tin can craft ideas include making a beautiful songbird wind chime or these colourful Marimekko decorative tin can planters to brighten the garden. Or these hanging tin can planters for the front porch.

Cans can also be upcycled for Christmas; check out these tin can Christmas crafts.

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Tin can Easter baskets upcycled


Wednesday 15th of March 2023

Hi, Claire! The hosts and I couldn’t stop thinking about these adorable tin can Easter baskets! I’m excited to tell you this post is being featured in Whimsy Home Wednesday Link party this week! Thanks for joining us and I hope to see you at the party this week! Pinning!

Claire Armstrong

Wednesday 15th of March 2023

Thank you, that is awesome to here I look forward to seeing them.


Tuesday 14th of March 2023

I used two colors of yarn ( lavender & purple) since I didn't have any gift wrapping paper.

Claire Armstrong

Tuesday 14th of March 2023

That sounds like a lovely idea too.


Monday 13th of March 2023

I will be making some of these. I have a lot of children

Claire Armstrong

Monday 13th of March 2023

Thank you, have fun making them, they are very straightforward.


Saturday 11th of March 2023

I'm guessing your birthday gift-givers know you really well, Claire. That wrapping paper is so totally you. Love this idea for so many different reasons.

Claire Armstrong

Saturday 11th of March 2023

Thank you, yes I’m lucky that they know what I like. I think some Christmas buckets would be fun.

Donna via Funky Junk

Friday 10th of March 2023

These are the coolest Easter baskets I've ever laid eyes on, right down to those cork and spool handles! Adorable!

Claire Armstrong

Saturday 11th of March 2023

Aww, thank you. They are also so easy to make and cost practically nothing too.