Get inspired with these unique and personalized pencil holder projects that will add a touch of flair to your desk or workspace.

Many of the unique pencil holders and pen pots can be made for free by simplying upcycling and repurposing every day household waste.

A great example is to use empty tin cans, such as soup cans and coffee cans.  They are the perfect size for holding pencils and are a free resource.

The cans can be painted and decoupaged with wallpaper or fabric.  They can even be wrapped in leather for a more luxury pen holder.

Make your pencil holders from scratch out of wood.  Like this fun hedgehog or a more moden perspex and wood desk organizer.

Or repurpose retro objects into fun and quirky pen pots,  Such as cassette tapes and licience plates.  These would make a great handmade gift idea too.

Make pencil holders for your desk that reflect you personality and interests.  Like a comic book one or a unicorn decorate pen pot.

Grab some paint, ribbon, and a touch of imagination, and let's transform ordinary objects into unique and functional pencil holders.

If you are looking for more ways to organize the clutter and stationary on your desk then why not transform an IKEA moppe.