Do you have a cupboard full of vases that do the job but they don't spark joy?  Well don't throw them out you can easily upcycle them into something wonderful.

I used some colourful Kaffe Fasset scraps of fabric to transform it.  It only took about 1 hour to do.

The transformation was beautiful and now I'm not sure which is more beautiful the vase or the flowers.

Paper napkins can also be used to decoupage vases.  These are cheap and affordable as well as coming in lots of fab designs.

Also you can upcycle many everyday objects into vases, such as bottles and jars.  These are old yoghurt bottles.

If you are lacking inspiration or not sure what to do.  Why not try and replicate a vase from your favourite interiors store.

This is the Anthropologie hack version made from upcycling an old maple syrup bottle.  All you need are paint and pens.

Don't just stop at vases, why not make some cool upcycled planters for your home and garden too.  With these great ideas.