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35 Clever Upcycled Vases That You Will Want In Your Home

Inside: Ideas for upcycling existing vases or transforming other objects into an upcycled vase.

I love to decorate my home with flowers; it’s a great way to bring colour and nature into any space. In spring, there are bunches of tulips and daffodils. But I have lots of faux flowers made from fabric and paper that I display all year round.

So I’m always on the hunt for new vases. Sometimes I will repurpose another object, such as an empty bottle or jar, into a vase. Another time I’ll transform an existing vase to fit my decor.

Charity/thrift stores are full of cheap old ugly vases that can be repurposed into something unique with just a little imagination. No need to spend money on expensive designer vases when you can easily create a knock-off version with a thrift store vase. You’ll find a couple of good Anthropologie-style knock-offs in the list below.

Upcycling vases is a fun and practical way to reduce waste, save money, and express creativity. Here are 35 clever and unique ways to make upcycled vases you want in your home.

A collection of upcycled vases made from either repurposed existing vases or objects that once had another purpose, such as bottles, jars, and even a football!

Many upcycles are very straightforward and involve just a bit of clever painting. Others use creative techniques such as paper mache, decoupage and plastering.

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Other Upcycling Ideas

If you want more beginner-upcycled projects, check out these upcycled clocks.

Many everyday objects can also be upcycled into planters using similar techniques. Check out these upcycled tin can planter ideas. A set of tin cans have even been repurposed into precious Oriental Ming vases.

You’ll find a comprehensive A to Z of clever upcycling ideas for the home here.