By upcycling clocks, we can give new life to old items and reduce the demand for new products. Plus we can create new clocks out of old items

Old broken clocks are easily fixed with a new battery clock mechanism.  And these mechanisms can be used to make new clocks out of old things.

For example this old mantle clock was bought upto date with a new mechanism and colourful  paint and fabric decoupage.

A cheap IKEA wall clock was given a travel makeover with the addtion of a world map and copper metalic spray.

Materials such as old wooden pallets and large wood slices can be upcycled into giant rustic and industrial style wall clocks.

Fun everyday objects like old board games and toys can be upcycled to make unique clocks for the playroom or den.

You might want to make an upcycled clock to match your decor style.  Whether its boho, minimalist or maximilist.

Whatever you use to make an upcycled clock for your home it will be a fun project and totally unique.  DIY clock making is a great beginner upcycling project.

There are so many more things you can upcycle for the home from vases, to mirrors, furniture and fabrics.  You will find the best ideas here on the site.