15 Of The Most Unique Ikea Lamp Hacks

Simple and Clever Ikea Lamp Hacks to Make Now

Ikea hacks are such fun. I love nothing more than picking up something from Ikea taking it home and transforming it. I especially love Ikea Lamp hacks.   I get a buzz from transforming a mass produced item to something that is completely unique. Here I...
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How to Make A Beautiful Painted Wood Pallet Planter

Moroccan Style Painted Wood Pallet Planter

I love my Victorian brick walled garden it looks charming and is full of character, however, the brick work can be a bit dark. That's why a made a painted wood pallet planter for my garden to brighten up and add colour.   I'm really into Moroccan tiling at the moment...
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How to Create a Stunning Sofa with Shibori Dyeing

Outdoor Sofa Upcycle with Indigo Shibori Dyeing (IKEA Hack)

Do you sometimes have an idea for a craft and upcycle but are hesitant to start as it has just as much chance of being a complete Pinterest fail as a big success?   I had seen all these lovely pictures of shibori dyeing and wanted to...
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How to Make a Stunning Printed Map Picture Frame

DIY Printed Map Picture Frame From A Pallet

When I return from special holidays I love to find fun ways to show off the photos. For our last trip, I made a unique map picture frame of our holiday destination.   Along with the Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins, I returned to my hometown of Hong Kong...
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