Luggage Tag Map Burlap Pillows (Hessian Pillows)

Fun & Unique Luggage Tag Map Burlap Pillows (Hessian)

DIY Map Burlap Pillows: I love maps, travelling and fun crafts that are personal in some way. I decided to put all this together and make these unique luggage tag pillows using map fabric and burlap (hessian).   I really like the vintage vibe of the pillows. ...
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Upcycling Empty Paint Cans Using Paint Chips

Upcycling Empty Paint Cans with Paint Chips

Empty paint cans: I've been busy repainting a spare room and plan to turn into a craft room. As I result I have a few empty paint cans. A lot of my craft involves repurposing and upcycling the stuff I've already got. Therefore I decided to upcycle the...
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Map Decor Crafts To Make Your Home Unique

Map Decor Crafts: Fantastic ideas to Personalize Your Home

One of the easiest and most effective ways to stamp your own individuality and personality into your home is through map decor. Maps look awesome, they are easy to get hold of and by using maps of special places they can personalize and add the...
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Super Cute Halloween Treats Bags 3 ways

Halloween Treats Bags 3 Ways Pumpkin Ghost & Bat

Halloween treats bags, I have made 3 different shapes; a ghost, a pumpkin and a bat. They are a super cute way of handing out treats at a Halloween party, or to trick or treaters. Also they make a sweet Halloween decoration when hung up in...
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Denim DIY Draught Excluder (Door and Window)

Upcycled Denim DIY Draught Excluder for Doors and Window

DIY Draught Excluder : My victorian town house is lovely and cool in the summer and unfortunately cold and draughty in the winter.   Like many old houses that cling on to their original fixtures the wind howls through the gaps in the old doors and the...
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DIY Jewelry – Upcycled Silk Scarf Necklace

DIY Jewelry - Make an Upcycled Denim and Silk Scarf Necklace

I have a confession to make this diy jewelry craft idea is not my own, but one that my mum showed me. My mum loves to wear bright and colourful clothes, she doesn't do neutral. She has loads of old silky...
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