Denim DIY Draught Excluder (Door and Window)

Upcycled Denim DIY Draught Excluder for Doors and Wndow

DIY Draught Excluder : My victorian town house is lovely and cool in the summer and unfortunately cold and draughty in the winter.   Like many old houses that cling on to their orginal fixtures the wind howls through the gaps in the old doors and the...
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DIY Jewelry – Upcycled Silk Scarf Necklace

DIY Jewelry - Make an Upcycled Denim and Silk Scarf Necklace

I have a confession to make this diy jewelry craft idea is not my own, but one that my mum showed me. My mum loves to wear bright and colourful clothes, she doesn't do neutral. She has loads of old silky...
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Photo Frame – Chalkboard Wall Display

Velcro Chalkboard Photo Frame Wall Display

Photo Frame - What makes this framed chalkboard photo frame fantastic is it's few extra features. The photos are easily changed and moved around the board as they are attached using little velcro sticky dots. Also fun cheeky tags and hashtags can be easily be written in chalk...
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Ikea Lamp Hack – Rismon Map Lampshade

Ikea Lamp Hack -Pimp your Rismon Lampshade with Maps

Sometimes a little decorative touch can totally transform something mundane into something rather more remarkable, it can add the wow factor. Well that's exactly what I did with my Ikea lamp hack. This time I was a bit more subtle with my map pimping...
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