Gorgeous spring fabric birdcage

DIY Fabric Birdcage for Spring

To participate in hometalk's DIY my spring blog hop, I have made some gorgeous fabric birdcage decorations. Maybe it's because I'm the daughter of an ornithologist, spring makes me think of birds. Which gave me the idea to make the fabric birdcage. It took me about an...
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No Sew Patchwork Fabric Easter Eggs

No Sew Patchwork Fabric Easter Eggs

These fabric Easter eggs unbelievably easy to make and look fantastic.  The fabric gives them a nice retro look and feel. This is a great easter craft for all ages.   My sister Tasha came up with this craft while trying to do something Easter themed with my nephews.    They boys...
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12 Rainbow Home Decor Ideas

Rainbow Home Decor Ideas

I've rounded up 12 of my favourite rainbow home decor ideas for brightening up your home. I love to decorate my home with splashes of colour and you can't get a brighter more colourful splash than a rainbow.   Do you want to add a splash of colour to your home.... 				</div>
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How to make a handy iPhone Denim Pocket Pillow

Upcycle Your Jeans Into A Really Useful Denim Pocket Pillow For Your iPhone

What is it about teenagers that they seem to spend over half their lives in bed. When I was a teenager, I spent a lot of my time listening to music in my room. Now that my boys are teenagers they...
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How to Make a DIY Ring Holder From a Scallop Shell

Upcycle A Scallop Shell Into A Gorgeous DIY Ring Holder

On her way back from France my aunt popped into see me with a gift of a crate of wine and a bag of scallop shells. Whilst the wine disappeared quickly the shells sat in my craft shed for a year. One of...
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Colourful Spray Painted Upcycled floor lamp

Spray Painted Upcycled floor lamp

Last week I transformed a dreary old floor lamp with spray paints into a colourful statement piece. This project was so easy and didn't require any specialist skills; as long as you can shake a can of spray paint you can revamp a lamp.   I picked up this floor lamp really...
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