An Easy And Cute Shoe Box Craft For The Home

Create Some Cute Vintage Suitcases With Shoe Box Craft

I never seem to have enough craft storage. Especially, boxes in which to hide the little things. Instead of buying something I decided to reuse what I already had at home with this shoe box craft.   One of the best things about this shoe box craft...
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Simple And Fun To Make DIY Light Box Sign

Use A Wine Box To Make A DIY Light Box Sign

When it comes to the bigger decisions in my life I'm quick and decisive. But when it comes to the stuff that doesn't matter I can dither. With this DIY light box sign, I couldn't decide on one just one sign. So...
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Wonderful Free Printable Vintage Maps To Download

Free Printable Vintage Maps For All Your Craft Needs

As so many of the crafts on Pillarboxblue involve maps, I have decided to share with you my collection of free printable vintage maps. So you can use them for your own crafts and DIYs.   It's amazing how a decoupaged vintage map can transform the...
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How to Make a Felt Rug Out of Recycled Sweaters

Upcycle Sweaters Into A Gorgeous DIY Felt Rug

I do love a quick DIY and craft but equally, sometimes I like to take it slow. That's what I did with this DIY felt rug.   It can be really satisfying to take your time in making something and seeing it gradually blossom into a gorgeous finished product....
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Simple Cute Personalized Map Gift For Lovers

How To Make A Gorgeous Heart Map Gift

I normally make my hubby something for Valentine's day. Not because I'm a hopeless romantic, but because it also happens to be my birthday and I want to share the joy. This year a made a personalized map gift.   Often I bake him some heart shaped cookies to...
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