How To Make Denim Feather Wall Decor

Repurposing Denim Scraps For A Feather Wall Decor

I got the idea for this denim feather wall decor over the summer whilst making denim tassels.

It wasn’t a great leap to work out how to make denim feathers from old jeans. The principle was the same as with the tassels. Which is basically fraying scraps of old denim. I just had a few details to work out like the feather spine and shape.

You can make either an indigo or white feather from one piece of denim scrap. The colour will depend on which way you lay the template onto the scrap fabric.

Like with the tassels this was a great craft for those of us who find they have fidgety fingers when watching TV. I made these feathers whilst getting stuck into the brilliant Netflix Series Ozark. That’s probably why I ended up making loads of the feathers and hence made them into a wall hanging.

As well as making a feather wall decor you can also use individual denim feathers make earrings, bag charms, and gift toppers.

DIY repurposed denim feather wall decor

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What you need to make denim feather wall decor

  • Denim scraps – The scrap pieces will need to be as big as you want your feathers. You will also need pieces of denim with no seams or embellishments just plain bits of jeans fabric.
  • Twine – I love Nutscene twine which comes in lots of lovely different colours.
denim scraps needed to make denim feathers.

How to Make denim feather wall decor

1. The first thing to do is to cut out a feather shape from your scrap of denim. If you are not confident about doing this free hand you can download my feather template and use this to draw around before cutting out the feather shape.

Make sure that the template lies in the same direction with the weave of the denim. Depending on which way you lie the feather template on the denim will depend on what colour feather you will make. Denim tends to be made up of a weave of both blue and white threads.

Denim feather template
Feather template on denim scrap

2. Next cut a piece of twine that is a couple of inches longer than denim feather shape.

cut denim feather shape and twine

3. Cover the twine in fabric glue and stick it to the center of the denim feather shape. This will create a spine for the feather. You can stitch the twine in place if you prefer that to glue. However, the glue is better as it also stiffens the twine which helps the denim feather hold its shape.

Sticking on the twine spine to denim feather.

4. To make the feathers, fray the denim by pulling out the threads. Denim is frayed by removing the threads of one colour. Therefore if you remove the white threads you will end up with blue feathers. If you remove the blue threads you will end up with white feathers.

how to make denim feathers

5. I used this same method to make several feathers, both white and blue in various sizes. To make the wall hanging, I first threaded the twine of both a blue feather and a white feather through the same wooden bead.

Threading feathers through a wooden bead.
Blue and white repurposed denim feathers

6. Finally, the pairs of repurposed denim feathers were hung from a wooden stick. They were attached to the stick with a drawing pin at the back.

Denim feather wall art
Denim feather wall decor

I love how the denim feathers have turned out. You can make a collection of feathers in different shades of indigo by using denim scraps from different pairs of jeans. I think these denim feathers would also look great on a cushion or simply hung in glass frames.

framed upcycled DIY denim feather
Denim feather wall art

If you like this you may want to check out some of the other denim upcycles on Pillarboxblue. Such as the boho jeans pillow, upcycled denim gift tag, denim tassels, and a cool denim rug.

I even have ideas for denim Christmas decorations

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Denim feather wall decor


DIY framed denim feather

Repurposed denim feathers

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  1. Just cut a piece of denim but how do you pull those little pieces of thread out ?? Thx

    • Rub the end between your fingers to loosen the threads. Then grab the thread nearest the cut edge of the fabric and just pull. It should come way. Then repeat with the next thread in line.

  2. How do you determine if your feather will be white or blue? Mine keep turning out white.

    • If you pull the blue threads your feathers will be white, but if you pull the white threads your feathers will be blue.

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  4. Absolutely brilliant!

  5. Hi
    I love your page
    Very nice👄

  6. I am so excited! Thank you so very much for sharing this. I make Frayed denim coats & jackets. These will be perfect embellishments, with a little tweaking for coat application. I will use the heave seam edging that I usually save to braid for purse handles and instead sew down the center of the ‘feather’ shape cut from the pieces that I have left over from my coat constructions. A couple or three of these will look great strung with beads onto a leather strip to sew onto the finished coat. I cannot wait to go out to my studio and tweak a finished coat! LOVE IT!

  7. What a clever way to use old denim. So pretty! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Aww,this is super gorgeous,i have some denim that i no longer use,maybe i can convert some for
    wall decor.Thank you so much

    • Thank you, they are a fun craft to make while tucked up all cozy in front of the TV on a winters night.

  9. Ah these are super creative! I wouldn’t have thought to try anything like this.

  10. Another gorgeous ucycling project and I love the range of ways you could use these, especially reusable present toppers. I also reckon with a few extra embellishments they’s make gorgeous Christmas tree decorations. #GoingGreen

    • Thank you, yes I think they would look good hanging from a tree.

  11. This is brilliant!!!!

  12. I love these denim feathers! I adore all your denim creations! Thanks so much for sharing at the Snickerdoodle Create Bake Make Party!

    • Thank you T’onna. And I love all your crochet creations I think they are so creative!

  13. Peg

    BEST denim project ever!!! Making as soon as possible! Congrats on blog win.

  14. Amy

    How cute. I actually thought that these were real feathers (dyed of course) before I looked at your actual post. Thank you for sharing at To Grandma’s House We Go.

  15. Pam

    These are wonderful! I love them, and I’ve featured them at this week’s Thursday Favorite Things party. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you so much and I’ll look out for the feature thanks.

  16. Another fantastic project Claire! Thanks so much for sharing on craft schooling Sunday!

  17. I just love your denim feathers Claire. My daughter and I made some a few years ago from her old jeans and we used the seam down the leg for the feather stalk bit (not sure what it’s really called) but your idea is so much nicer. There’s only so many feathers you can make with the seam

    • Thank you, Michelle. Someone else suggested using the seam I might try it with my next batch.

  18. I love this, I’m such a fan of your work Claire! You make such amazing things. Thanks for sharing on To Grandma’s House We Go!

  19. Kaz

    Just gorgeous thanku 😆

  20. What is a drawing pin?

  21. I loved making these so much I’m using them as a hair ornament and I also made earrings. So many friends have asked me to share your instructions with them. Thank you so much for sharing ❤️

    • I’m so pleased to hear you are making them and having fun. I did thing they would make lovely earrings. Thank you for sharing the tutorial with your friends.

  22. I love your denim feathers and will certainly be giving your idea a try. Thanks for sharing,

  23. OK Claire, this is getting ridiculous, you have to stop making these gorgeous things that I have no time to try myself right now!! I thought the tassels were cute but these are even more lovely if that’s possible!
    Wouldn’t they be fun on gift wrap? Along with a pretty tag or something.

    • Thank you, Julie. I can’t help it “a makers got to make”. Yes I thought they would make lovely gift toppers too!

  24. This is all sorts of genius! What an incredibly simple but gorgeous effect to fray the fabric that way! Fabulous, Claire! 🙂 Lisa

    • Thank you, Lisa. They are very simple to make, Ive had the idea for ages but for some reason it took me a while to get around to making them. Now I’ve started I can’t stop. At this rate I’m going to have enough feathers for a Lampshade.

  25. These denim feathers are fabulous! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  26. These are so cool, Claire! Think I need to try some…just need to find a pair of jeans now…

  27. What is the best way to remove the blue or white threads most efficiently? Tweezers?

    • I just pulled them out with my fingers. Sometimes I used a pin to bring a thread to the edge.

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