How To Make A Blue Jean Rug, 11 Unique Ways

11 Clever And Unique Ways To Make a Blue Jean Rug

One of the best things about denim besides the wonderful shades of indigo is that it is hard wearing. This makes it a great fabric to repurpose into a blue jean rug.

There is more than one way to make a blue jean rug. I have rounded up some of the cleverest and unique ways to make an upcycled denim rug. Some involve sewing, others are a no sewing option. There are rug tutorials that use the entire jeans some just the waistbands or legs.

If like me you keep your family’s old jeans to repurpose and recycle I’m sure you will find a denim area rug tutorial that’s just right for you.

11 blue jean rugs

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The blue jean rug tutorials

1. Waistband denim rug – Pillarboxblue
Sewing denim can be difficult especially with the thick parts such as the seams and waistbands. This tutorial gets around this by showing you how to make a no-sew blue jean rug.

Tutorial for a DIY denim rug made from repurposed jeans waistband- Ikea hack no sewing.

2. Blue jean woven rug –
This beautiful rug involves making denim yarn from the legs of jeans and then weaving it.

Blue jean rug tutorial

3. Sewn denim rug – A Beautiful Mess
The hexagons give this jeans rug a beautiful shape. I’ve used denim hexagons before to make denim patchwork chair but I think I’ll try a rug next time.

4. Large round blue jean rug- ohohblog.
I love the shape of this gorgeous denim rug. It looks like a large ray of indigo sunshine!

5. Giant braided denim rug – notjustahousewife
This large braided jeans rug was definitely a labour of love. It may have taken a long time to make but it was relatively easy to do.

denim braided rug

6. Woven denim mat – Thecountryfarmhome
Another woven denim rug, but this one is slightly different with very good instructions.

woven blue jeans rug

7. Crochet jeans rug – juststringingalong
Turn all your old jeans into yarn and then simply crochet your rug.

8. Denim rag rug – communingwithfabric
This is an unusual way to make a rag rug but the look is very effective.

denim rag rug

9. Traditional denim rag rug – craftypantsmcgeeii
A denim rag rug made the traditional way. Great project for using up denim scraps from other projects.

10. Woven diagonal blue jean rug – Feltmagnet

I love the diamond checkerboard effect of this blue jean rug.

Woven denim rug

11. Handmade Chevron Rug -Pillarboxblue

This lovely handmade rug shows all the different shades of indigo you get with denim. The tutorial is very straight forward, with step by step photos.

Handmade chevron rug study

Recently I have made some gorgeous upcycled fabric placemats using denim and felt scraps. These placemats could easily be made into rugs by adding to them.

Upcycled denim placemats

I have also made a beautiful felt rug out of recycled sweaters my mum gave me. The denim rugs are lovely, but I have to admit the sweater rug is more colourful and softer underfoot.

Felt rug made from old sweaters

There are so many other ways you can repurpose jeans in your home decor. Don’t forget to check out my denim page.

Unique upcycled denim and repurposed jeans ideas for the home.

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  1. I’ll make use of my old jeans right away.

  2. These are all great ideas. I love everyone of them!! I’m starting a braided one today for my grand daughter. Please keep posting all your great ideas.

    • Thank you, I’d love to see your braided rug when it’s finished.

  3. I’m sure I must have asked you this before CLaire but have you ever thought about selling your wares or yes, the idea of putting a craft book together would be amazing. You have such a great creative streak Xx #HomeEtc

    • Ahh, thank you Lins that’s very kind. Maybe I’ll do a book one day.

  4. Wow what a great collection! My favourite is the braided one, so amazing! x #HomeEtc

  5. All of these are great, but I especially like #2 and #5. I think blue jean rugs sound really durable and easy to care for too! Cool ideas 🙂

  6. Great rugs, Claire! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  7. Kim

    You are the undisputed queen of denim makeovers. They are all fabulous!

  8. All these lovely images make me want to try them all out! Well done!!

  9. I cant get over how neat those hexagons look. We’ve got tons of worn out jeans, but they’re all the same exact shade of blue. Maybe I could dye some darker…

    • I’m lucky in that my family seem to wear jeans in different shades of indigo so I have a varied supply,

  10. You seriously are the queen of jeans!! I can see you putting a book together some day!

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