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How To Upcycle Packaging Into A Gingerbread Garland

Repurpose Your Christmas Packaging Into A Gingerbread Garland

It's shameful the number of cardboard boxes that arrive at our house in the build-up to Christmas! I try to ease my guilt over this mountain of cardboard by repurposing some of it into Christmas decorations like with this gingerbread garland.     Last year I made some rather Read more

Super Easy to Make Cute Norwegian Christmas Gnomes

Cute Upcycled Norwegian Christmas Gnomes in 10 Minutes

I made these Norwegian Christmas Gnomes (Nisse) not just because my husband is part Norwegian, but also because they are so cute and easy to make. Along with red hearts, you will see these Christmas gnomes decorating Nordic homes over the festive season.     This Christmas craft...
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Free Pattern For A Cute Personalized Dog Christmas Stocking

How To Make A Cute Personalized Dog Christmas Stocking

I say that is is a personalized dog Christmas stocking, just because I made it for our beloved dog Toby. But you could use this pattern to make this Christmas stocking for any pet with paws such as a cat!     I work from home and often the...
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The Best Repurposed Denim Christmas Decorations

Cool and Unique Upcycled Denim Christmas Decorations

When you think of the colours of Christmas, indigo may not be the top of the list. However, I still think that you can make some pretty cool and unique denim Christmas decorations from a pair of old jeans.     My favrouite part of Christmas is actually all the...
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Easy To Make Unique Denim DIY Christmas Tree

Upcycle Your Jeans Into A Fun DIY Christmas Tree

I know indigo is not a traditional Christmas colour but who cares? I wanted to make some DIY Christmas trees out of denim scraps.     You can always decorate the denim Christmas tree to give it a more festive feel. Or leave the trees "aux...
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How To Make Unique Pinecone Christmas Crafts

DIY Decorative Tiles: Pinecone Christmas Crafts

I say that this is a pinecone Christmas craft but it is really just a fall craft. However, by adding some decorations all of a sudden it's a pinecone Christmas craft.     Come rain or shine nearly every morning I stop at the kiosk in the park at the...
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