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How To Make Felt Tassels From Old Sweaters

Using Felted Sweater Scraps To Make Gorgeous Felt Tassels

Are tassels the new pom poms? They are everywhere. They're on keychains, bags, garlands, pillows, and sweaters. I do love the trend so I have made my own tassels. But being an upcycler, I have made felt tassels out of my sweater scraps.   Move...
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How To Make A Christmas Tree Pillow Form A Sweater

DIY A Cute Upcycled Christmas Tree Pillow

I'm so chuffed at how I managed to turn a plain boring old wool sweater into a really cute and cuddly Christmas Tree pillow.   When I saw this green jumper in my junk trunk (yes, I have a trunk full of old sweaters and jeans waiting to be upcycled), it...
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Unique Marimekko Christmas Wall Art Made From A Table Top

Mid-Century Modern Christmas Wall Art Tutorial

I'm so easily distracted, my creative mind never seems to switch off. The other week whilst I was making my salvaged wood Christmas tree, an old wooden table hiding at the back of the garden caught my eye. I was compelled to do something with it. I wanted...
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Wonderful Felt Christmas Tree Made From Sweaters

Recycled Sweater Scraps Into Cute Felt Christmas Tree

My husband doesn't get it, what he considers rubbish I look at as a recycle challenge. I do get a kick of making crafts out of the scaps of other projects. This Christmas felt tree project is one of my more successful ones.   I collect all the...
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