How To Upcycle Tins With A Faux Marble Effect

DIY Marble Christmas Upcycled Tins

One of the many things I love to do at Christmas is to make some gorgeous sweet treats such as fudge and biscotti to give as gifts. I'm a real sucker for great packaging and I even like the things I make to be packaged nicely. That's when I...
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Wonderful Felt Christmas Tree Made From Sweaters

Recycled Sweater Scraps Into Cute Felt Christmas Tree

My husband doesn't get it, what he considers rubbish I look at as a recycle challenge. I do get a kick of making crafts out of the scaps of other projects. This Christmas felt tree project is one of my more successful ones.   I collect all the...
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Map Themed Gift Guide For The Map Lover

Best Ideas for Map Themed Gifts 2017

I admit it I have a bit of a map obsession. Regular readers to this blog will know that I'll cover almost anything I can in a map!   I think maps are beautiful, fascinating and personal. They are great for sparking memories of special places and vacations.   A lot...
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How To Make Pine Cone Christmas Tree With Lights

DIY Cute & Colourful LED Pine Cone Christmas Tree

Hi, today I'm excited to be participating in the 7th Annual Handmade Holidays blog hop with lots of fellow blogging buddies! Please be sure to check out everyone's wonderful Christmas decoration ideas at the end of this post.   ...
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