How to Make a Felt Rug Out of Recycled Sweaters

Upcycle Sweaters Into A Gorgeous DIY Felt Rug

I do love a quick DIY and craft but equally, sometimes I like to take it slow. That's what I did with this DIY felt rug.   It can be really satisfying to take your time in making something and seeing it gradually blossom into a gorgeous finished product....
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Simple Cute Personalized Map Gift For Lovers

How To Make A Gorgeous Heart Map Gift

I normally make my hubby something for Valentine's day. Not because I'm a hopeless romantic, but because it also happens to be my birthday and I want to share the joy. This year a made a personalized map gift.   Often I bake him some heart shaped cookies to...
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How to Recycle Sweaters into a Heart Decoration

Recycle Sweaters For Valentine's

After the annual New Years purge of my wardrobe, my pile of recycling sweaters has grown. I've got big upcycle project planned for a lot of the sweaters. But this little stripy jumper, unfortunately, didn't make the cut. However, I did manage to recycle the sweater into a cute...
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How To Make Heart String Lights To Brighten Your Home

DIY Shrink Plastic Colourful Heart Shaped Lights

One of the things I don't like about living in the UK is they gloomy grey winter days. In an attempt to brighten up my home a bit, I made some fun heart string lights.   When I was 8 years old I discovered Shrink plastic. I thought that...
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How To Make A Cool Denim Rug Without Sewing

Repurposing Jeans Waistbands Into A Gorgeous Denim Rug

A denim rug has been on my upcycling bucket list for ages. And what a great way to start off a new year of crafting by finally making one. I'm pleased that I can tick the denim rug off my list. But I'm really chuffed with how it's...
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