Easy Marimekko Decoupage on Wood Bowls

How to paper napkin decoupage on wood

I bought these 3 wooden bowls for £1 in my local charity(thrift) shop. I took them home and transformed them with a Marimekko napkin decoupage on wood. I've already talked about my extensive paper napkin collection and recently used them to make some ridiculously colourful Read more

How To Make An Easy Mod Podge Fabric Mirror Frame

Create A Stunning Patchwork Mod Podge Fabric Mirror Frame

I totally forgot about this mirror I picked up from a charity shop last year for the bargain price of £3. I loved the shape of the mirror but not the dark frame. It had sat in the back loft unloved. When I...
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How To Make A Paper Flower Wall Decoration

Fun To Make A Beautiful Pineapple Paper Flower Wall Decoration

Sometimes a makers just got to make! That's what I felt about this paper flower wall decoration once the idea popped into my head.   Why a pineapple? I would be lying if I said it was my favourite fruit (that's mango), it's in...
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Amazing Ways To Upcycle And Craft Fake Succulents

Fun Ways To Craft And Upcycle Fake Succulents And Cacti

Last week I was so lucky I managed to sneak in some window shopping in London. Not for clothes mind you but all the fabulous home interior stores and departments such as Liberty's, the Conran Shop, Anthropologie and West Elm, plus many more small ones.   Whilst drooling...
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Make Beautiful Moroccan Planters In Under 10 Minutes

Super Simple to Make Squared Tiled Moroccan Planters

I love it when you have a great idea that actually works! That's exactly what happened with these gorgeous tile cubed Moroccan planters.   A few weeks ago I popped into my local tile store. Whilst I was there I spotted some lovely Moroccan style tiles. The...
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