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Easy Banana & Chocolate Loaf

I thought I would share with you my  easy no fail recipe for a chocolate chip banana loaf.  I have 2 teenage sons and one almost teenage son, who seem to be permanently hungry.  When the boys are hungry I know a nice piece of fruit isn’t just going to cut it.  They want carbs, especially after doing sport.   So I often make a  banana loaf  to help satiate their vast appetites.  I also  kid myself that as its got fruit in it, banana loaf counts towards one of their five a day.


I  hate waste and the great thing about this recipe the riper the banana the better, so no more throwing away over ripe bananas from the fruit bowl.  In fact if I’ve got lots of over ripe bananas, I will freeze them to make a banana loaf another day.  The skin goes black in the freezer but the defrosted banana is fine to use in this recipe.  Bananas take about an hour to defrost, but if you are in a hurry you can run them under a hot tap to speed up defrosting.

Ingredients for Banana Loaf

Easy banana loaf ingredients


How to make the Banana Loaf

How to make easy chocolate chip banana loaf

This recipe is so delicious, easy and  forgiving.  Which is great for me,  even though I love cooking I’m not the worlds best baker, as I’m not great at precision which is  needed when baking.  You could replace the chocolate chips with walnuts or pecans if you want .   I  use chocolate as not everyone likes nuts, but in my experience everyone likes chocolate.  In fact everyone in my family loves chocolate so I also cover my banana loaf with melted chocolate as well.
Easy chocolate covered banana loaf

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Friday 28th of August 2015

[…] really healthy so my kids can eat as much of it as they want. They love to eat it with my homemade banana and chocolate loaf..   […]

Dimsum honey

Wednesday 15th of April 2015

I have been thinking of making this as it looks yummy but that's the problem I am worried I would end up eating it all before the kids came home from school!

Claire Armstrong

Wednesday 15th of April 2015

I know I have the same problem myself a Banana Loaf has a shelf life of about 3 hours in our house before its all gone. As you'll have the oven on anyway you may as well make 2 at a time one for you and one for the rest of the family.