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The “WOOF” instead of “The Scream”

It was my husband’s birthday weekend, grandparents were watching the kids, so of course the city break destination was going to be Oslo. After many idyllic childhood summers  spent in the fjords, Paul always hankers to go back to Norway. I’d been to Bergen and the Fjords a few times, however I’d never been to Oslo so was happy with the choice. I was brought up in Asia, but I feel surprisingly at home in Scandinavia and often get mistaken for Norwegian when I’m there.
the woof pillarboxblue

Freia Sign Oslo

Oslo Norway
Standing mesmerized in front of “The Scream” in Oslo’s Edvard Munch Museum, my husband proposed that I recreate it with Toby our dog as my muse. It was his birthday I couldn’t refuse so “The Woof” was born.
Edvard Munch The Scream


woof framed sm


This didn’t just come out of the blue I did have previous. One way I channel my re-invigorated artistic enthusiasm after visiting galleries and exhibitions, is to paint Toby in the various artistic styles I have experienced. Toby’s a Foxy Russell (Jack Russell, Fox Terrier cross), he’s a rescued stray with a secret past and no one is quite sure how old he is. Toby is however now a much loved member of the family, and as well as my morning running partner my artistic muse.
Toby foxy russell Beach
The Artistic styles of Toby the dog


Munch created four versions of “the Scream” two painted in oils and two were drawn with oil pastels.  I hadn’t worked in pastels before, but as I enjoy trying new creative challenges, I chose to use them for my own version of “the Woof”.  Using a picture of the original scream as a guide, on a sheet of A2 paper, I literally drew a faint basic outline of the picture in pencil.  Replacing the traumatised figure in the original version, with a sketch of Toby with his paws over his ears.  I then coloured it in with oil pastels, which was great fun.  You can smudge the colours together with your fingers or cloth, to blend and make smooth. I’d ensure you have plenty of paper towels, as working with oil pastels can be messy.   When you have finished, you will need to use spray on fixative, (you can use a special art one or  I use hairspray).
The Woof in pastels
My mother in-law loves the picture too, as she’s both Norwegian and a huge dog lover.

It's so easy to paint your own giant wall art - Pillar Box Blue

Wednesday 30th of March 2016

[…] exhibition I have just been to. In fact my husband’s favourite painting (chalks actually), is “the woof” instead of the scream. I painted Toby in the style of Munch after visiting the museum in Oslo.       […]

chris aka monkey

Sunday 30th of August 2015

found you on hometalk with your wallpaper post and thought it was brilliant so decided to look through your posts and saw this post oslo looks gorgeous and the dog scream painting is a scream ha ha love it xx

Claire Armstrong

Sunday 30th of August 2015

Thanks for checking my site out, glad you like my "woof" painting it does make us smile.


Monday 4th of May 2015

Claire, your art is fantastic! All the various incarnations of Toby is genius and made me laugh. Photos are stunning too, looks like a wonderful place to visit. Sam xxx

PS great website too..

Claire Armstrong

Monday 4th of May 2015