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How To Make Unique Pinecone Christmas Crafts

DIY Decorative Tiles: Pinecone Christmas Crafts

I say that this is a pinecone Christmas craft but it is really just a fall craft. However, by adding some decorations all of a sudden it's a pinecone Christmas craft.     Come rain or shine nearly every morning I stop at the kiosk in the park at the...
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How To Make Unique Repurposed Wood Map Ornaments

Combine Old Road Maps and Scrap Wood To Make Map Ornaments

I couldn't decide whether these upcycled map ornaments where mountains or trees. I think they can be either depending on which side you put on show.     The grey roadmap looks more like mountains and the green roadmap side more like trees. Originally, these...
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How To Make Denim Feather Wall Decor

Repurposing Denim Scraps For A Feather Wall Decor

I got the idea for this denim feather wall decor over the summer whilst making denim tassels.     It wasn't a great leap to work out how to make denim feathers from old jeans. The principle was the same as with the tassels. Which is basically...
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How To Use Pine Cones For A Unique Fall Mason Jar

Unique Fall Mason Jar Decoration with Pine Cone Crafts

Mason jars must be one of the most fun things to decorate and upcycle. I decided to rise the mason jar crafting challenge by making my own unique fall Mason jar.     Every day I walk our lovely old dog, Toby around the park at the bottom...
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