No Sew Patchwork Fabric Easter Eggs

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No Sew Patchwork Fabric Easter Eggs

These fabric Easter eggs unbelievably easy to make and look fantastic.  The fabric gives them a nice retro look and feel. This is a great easter craft for all ages.
My sister Tasha came up with this craft while trying to do something Easter themed with my nephews.    They boys enjoyed making them as it was simple enough for them do.  They make for a lovely Easter decoration that can be used year on year.
No sew patchwork fabric eggs.-  These eggs are so easy to make using fabric scraps or adhesive fabric strips.  Great Easter craft for kids.
No Sew Patchwork Fabric Easter Eggs
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What you need to make fabric easter eggs

  • Eggs, I used real eggs for this which I blew. To blow an egg;   make 2 holes with the pin in both ends of the egg.  Then carefully enlarge the holes with a cocktail stick.   Make sure you break the membrane inside the egg.  You then place your mouth over one of the holes and blow out the egg white and yolk into a bowl through the other hole, or you can use a straw.   When all the contents are blown carefully place the egg under the tap and rinse out the insides.
    Top tip if your eggs are at room temperature they are easier to blow. Of course if you can’t be bothered to do that you can use plastic craft eggs.
    raw eggs

  • Fabric adhesive sheets, these can be bought from good craft stores, shops like Tiger (in Europe) and on amazon or ebay. (can actually just use fabric scraps and glue, see note at the end)
    Adhesive fabric sheets

    How to make fabric easter eggs

  • Cut the adhesive fabric sheets into thin strips about 5mm wide and the length of your egg.  A good variety of different patterns are best.
    ahesive fabric strips2

  • Remove the backing from the fabric strips, and then simply stick these strips onto the egg in the pattern that you desire.  This doesn’t have to be exact and you may want slightly thicker strips of fabric, but be careful if they are too thick they will pucker when placed on the egg.
    No Sew Patchwork Fabric Easter Eggs

    No Sew Patchwork Easter Eggs

    No sew Patchwork Fabric Easter Eggs

  • If you want a more traditional patchwork effect you can cut your fabric sheets into squares instead of strips.
    No Sew Patchwork Fabric Eggs _
    No Sew Patchwork Fabric Easter Eggs
    Patchwork fabric Eggs in box
    This is a very addictive and quick craft before long you will have a lovely basket of decorative eggs. If like me and you choose to use real eggs, covering the eggs in adhesive fabric strengthens  them therefore they are not so fragile and will last for years. Finally don’t forget to have scrambled eggs for tea with all that raw egg, or even better get baking.
    Since posting this I have made some other patchwork eggs with denim scraps, and these weren’t made with adhesive fabric. So if you don’t have any adhesive fabric you can actually make these patchwork eggs with just fabric scraps and glue, that works just as well.

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    34 Responses

    1. These eggs are quite colorful! The boys look like they enjoyed the egg transformation. A wonderful Easter egg idea!

      • Thank you ! The boys really enjoyed making them it was a nice quick easy craft for them with a colourful result.

    2. Very creative and I see your little helpers did a wonderful job!

    3. Love that little bunny hiding amongst the eggs in the last pic! What a fun project to do with your kiddos. They did a GREAT job!

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    5. Well, aren’t these just adorable! I wonder if there’s an adhesive-backed product to use with existing fabric? I have scraps for daaaaayyyss! Lol! I really love this idea, so I may just use some Mod Podge. I also have plenty of fresh coutry eggs…I may try my hand at blowing, just for kicks and giggles. Thank you for sharing! 🙂 (BTW-I love your font! :))

      • Thank you ! I’m sure it will work just as well as modge podge just make sure you cut your fabric into small strips.

    6. Super cute!

    7. These are adorable!! And now I want some adhesive fabric sheets! 🙂 Thanks for linking this up to Talk of the Town!

    8. Your eggs are gorgeous!!!!! I’m pinning this to my Easter board. I’ve gotta try this!

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    10. These are so cute, and they look so easy to make. Thank you for sharing.

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    12. I love these eggs!! They are so beautiful and what a fun way to craft with kids! Makes me want to skip the egg dyeing this year and just try this!Thanks for linking up at the #HomeMattersParty !

    13. Those eggs turned out great! Love the randomness of the fabric patterns. What a fun and easy craft to do with kids. Thanks so much for sharing at Vintage Charm.

    14. Love how cute these look and would be a great alternative to coloring eggs. Thanks for sharing on Merry Monday. Pinned.

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