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How To Make A Cool Denim Rug Without Sewing

Repurposing Jeans Waistbands Into A Gorgeous Denim Rug

A denim rug has been on my upcycling bucket list for ages. And what a great way to start off a new year of crafting by finally making one. I'm pleased that I can tick the denim rug off my list. But I'm really chuffed with...
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Simple To Make Jeans Handmade Advent Calendar

Easy No Sew Upcycled Denim Handmade Advent Calendar

To me, the best bit about Christmas is the build-up. I love the excitement in the preparations for the big day more than the day itself.   What better way to revel in that fun anticipation than with a handmade advent calendar.   We love advent calendars in our...
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Learn How To Make Simple Gorgeous Rustic Stars

DIY Denim And Burlap Rustic Stars Ornaments

My favourite kind of crafts has two key elements. One, they are free or almost free as they use stuff you already have or involve recycling. Secondly, they are sweet and simple. Well, I can safely say that these gorgeous rustic stars tick both these boxes.   I...
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How To Make A Denim Wreath With Felt Roses

Recycle Sweater Scraps and Jeans into a Denim Wreath

One of the things I have discovered since blogging is that door wreaths aren't just for Christmas. I know this not a life-changing discovery but as a Brit, it was a revelation to me!   Now I make door wreaths no matter what the season or what my...
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Easy Way To Make Colourful Boho Style Jeans Pillows

Boho Jeans Pillows With Upcycled Sari Trim and Pom Poms

The trouble with staying in gorgeous accommodation whilst on holiday, my home looks knackered on returning.   It seems too cluttered, tired looking and a lot of it in desperate need of redecoration.   The solution is to either go on camping holidays so that I appreciate my...
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