Upcycled Denim Eggs

Upcycled Patchwork Denim Eggs

A couple of weeks ago I posted some gorgeous patchwork fabric easter eggs that may Nephews had made. Since then I’ve been working on some denim projects and whilst surrounded by denim scraps I thought why not make some patchwork denim Easter eggs for fun. These eggs are so easy to do and in no time I had a nest full of denim eggs and it cost hardly anything to make as it was all made with waste materials.
Upcycled Patchwork Denim Eggs (for Easter)-  These decoupaged eggs are really easy to make from jeans scraps.  They go well with the popular  rustic farmhouse and industrial looks.
Patchwork denim eggs - Pillarboxblue.com

How to make Denim Eggs

What you need:

  • Denim scraps and I mean scraps you only need really small bits of fabric. However a variety of denim from different pairs of jeans is best for acheiving a good patchwork effect.
  • Eggs, as I like to have scrambled eggs for breakfast each morning I’m quite happy to blow these eggs and use them for my crafts. However if you can’t be bothered to do that you can just use craft eggs; plastic, polystyrene or wood.
  • Fabric Modge Podge or any white glue suitable for fabric.
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    1. All you need to do is cut your denim into strips just under a 1cm wide and about 6cm’s long. The length depends on the size of your eggs.
    2. Using a small brush, brush the wrong side of your denim strip liberally with glue. Then place this strip onto your egg.
    3. Carry on adding strips of denim until the whole egg is covered.

    patchwork denim eggs - Pillarboxblue.com
    Patchwork Denim Eggs - Pillarboxblue.com
    Patchwork Denim Eggs - Pillarboxblue.com

    I told you it was easy. These eggs do have an sort of rustic feel to them and make for a great easter decoration. They would also be great for an easter egg hunt. They should keep for years, even if you used real egg shells as the glue and fabric would have strengthened them.

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    2. I am in love with your denim eggs! Genius.

    3. These turned out so cute Claire! You amaze me with what you can do with denim!!

    4. These are super cute especially for boys. There’s not much to buy, a couple of dollars in dollar store eggs is about it. Most crafters have mod podge and some left over denim laying around.

      • thank you. You could even blow real eggs and use them, then it would be an almost free craft.

    5. Oh how fun Claire! These jaunty little eggs will surely brighten any basket. And I’m always looking for ideas on how to use old jeans…my husband seems to generate a good number of ratty pairs of jeans.

      Thanks for the suggestions…


      • I have 3 teenage sons so have a ready supply of denim thank you.

    6. I am never going to get rid of another pair of jeans! Such cute ideas!

      • Yes keep your old jeans there are so many things you can do with them. Thank you.

    7. Super cute! What a fun project!

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    9. I love these eggs!!! I love denim upcycles, and this is a great one! Thanks for sharing at Submarine Sunday!!

    10. I am always looking for new ways to decorate Easter eggs & never would have thought to use denim! Just love it! Thanks for linking at #HomeMattersParty

    11. What a nice idea! Like them very much. Simple and easy.

    12. What a great use of denim scraps Claire. Your eggs turned out really great! Thanks so much for sharing at Vintage Charm.

    13. […] with all that raw egg, or even better get baking.   Since posting this I have made some other patchwork eggs with denim scraps, and these weren’t made with adhesive fabric. So if you don’t have any adhesive fabric […]

    14. They look great! Love the stripes. I am glad to hear the mod podge worked, I have found some polystyrene eggs so I am all set to make these 🙂

    15. Really creative and so cute! I came by from Vintage Charm…love your denim eggs. 🙂

    16. May I borrow some of your creativity please?

      • That’s very kind of you to ask but I’m afraid the answers no!

    17. Oh I just love them! Not that blue is my favorite color, but they would also fit in my dining room, where I have a blue wall ;-). Great idea!

    18. Ooooooo I love these. Great idea!

    19. Beautiful eggs! Go denim!

    20. Beautiful, and so creative! I love all the different shades and texture that your different denim strips add. I need to pull out my old jeans and start cutting!

      • Thanks! I love using denim because of all the different shades of indigo.

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