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Cool Things To Make With Fabric Scraps For Adults

I hate throwing things away, as I’m sure I can upcycle or repurpose them for another project. It’s especially true for fabric scraps leftover from other projects. I thought it was time I found some things to make with the fabric scraps in my ever-growing stash.

I have talked about upcycling fabrics before, but this time, I’m talking about using the smallest of leftover scraps. It’s amazing what you can make from what others would consider rubbish. Many of the scrap fabric ideas listed below would also make great handmade gifts.

There is a good mixture of sewing and non-sewing scrap fabric crafts to choose. Many of them are very easy to make, even when getting out the sewing machine.

And of course, they are all very affordable, as you are just using up the fabric scraps you already have in your stash. Most of the other materials you might require will be part of your craft essentials and nothing fancy.

Things to make with fabric scraps

What Scraps To Use

  • Trimmings and leftover fabric pieces from other sewing projects. Even the smallest of scraps can be patchworked together to make larger pieces.
  • Old clothes, if I have an old shirt that has seen better days. If it’s in a particular pattern that I love, I will cut up the good bits of fabric into scraps to use.
  • Fabric samples and swatches. I keep all the fabric swatches I get for free from furniture and interior stores. These are a good way to get free small fabric samples to use for projects.

If you are a regular visitor to this site, you will know that I’m passionate about upcycling denim. For these projects, I use every part of a pair of jeans. So many of my scrap denim fabric upcycles can be seen with this collection of no-sew jeans projects, or what to craft with jeans seams and upcycled jean pocket ideas.

The Best Things to Make With Fabric Scraps

Do you have a pile of fabric scraps leftover from other craft projects or a pile of fabric sample swatches?

This is a list of over 60 wonderful ideas for the scraps. Either make them for yourself or give them as gifts. From practical and useful, to fun, decorative and frivolous, there is a range of fabric crafts to inspire everyone.

If you have some leather scraps, you might want to check out these awesome leather craft ideas.

Don’t forget to check out many of my other cool adult craft ideas and ideas for upcycling sweaters for Christmas.

Michelle Leslie

Tuesday 12th of October 2021

Those denim moths of yours are still one of my all-time favorite scrap fabric ideas. They're just so awesome., but I've pinned this wonderful collection of other ideas because if there's one thing we have a lot of in this house, it's fabric scraps :D

Claire Armstrong

Wednesday 13th of October 2021

Thank you, it's amazing the fun things you can make from fabric scraps. The moths are also my sons favourite.