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60 DIY Boho Decor and Craft Ideas To Transform Your Home

Get inspired with DIY Boho decor projects that add a personal, eclectic touch to your home. Perfect for any budget

If you’re anything like me, you can’t resist the charm and creativity of Bohemian-style decor. My home is a testament to the magic of Bohemian decor. It’s welcoming, cosy, and bursting with personality and unique touches. Friends often comment on how interesting and inviting my home is, thanks to its eclectic mix of different colours, textures, and natural elements.

DIY Boho projects and crafts pin with pictures and text

The Pros of Boho Home Decor

What I love most about Boho style is that it’s not just about following trends but creating a space that feels uniquely yours. Unlike off-the-shelf interior design, Boho decor allows endless creativity and personal expression. It’s forgiving and flexible; anything goes, and the more eclectic, the better! This means you can mix and match to your heart’s content. And create a home that’s a true reflection of your personality.

Another wonderful aspect of Bohemian design is its eco-friendly nature. Many Boho-style pieces are upcycled or made from natural materials, making them a sustainable choice for your home. Whether repurposing flea market finds or crafting new decor items from scratch, modern boho-style interior design encourages a mindful, environmentally conscious approach to decorating.

These are some of my favourite DIY Boho decor projects and crafts that will bring that irresistible Bohemian vibe into your home. These projects are easy to make and perfect for adding that cosy, lived-in feel.

Easy DIY Boho Decor and Craft Ideas

Embracing Boho home decor is about creativity, individuality, and sustainability. With these easy DIY projects, you can add unique, personal touches that reflect your style and create a warm, inviting atmosphere. Whether through macramé, upcycled crafts, or vibrant wall hangings, Boho decor allows you to express yourself and make your space your own.

If you follow me, you’ll know that one of my many passions is my love of Marimekko prints. I think Marimekko complements the Boho style. You should check out my collection of Marimekko Crafts and Decor ideas.

Mid-century modern design and Boho style might seem different, but they complement each other beautifully. Mid-century modern features clean lines, functional forms, and minimalistic aesthetics, while Boho embraces eclectic textures, patterns, and vibrant colours. Combining the two creates a balanced, stylish space that is sleek and inviting, blending the structured elegance of mid-century modern with Boho’s cosy, artistic charm. Check out these Mid-century modern craft ideas on the blog.


Monday 1st of July 2024

I've pinned a few of them, but all are absolutely adorable! Thank you for sharing.

Claire Armstrong

Monday 1st of July 2024

Thank you so much, glad you enjoyed them.