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Cool Adult Craft Ideas Whilst Staying At Home

Many of us are staying at home at the moment and can’t go out to the shops. I have curated a collection of cool adult craft ideas. Many of these crafts use waste material you might have at home already.

I have talked about the psychological benefits of upcycling before. The therapeutic aspects of crafting are well known.

Crafting is not just a boredom buster. Creating something beautiful is such a positive activity in this currently negative world. It can be a comforting activity when we have to stay at home and can’t go out.

Being absorbed in a creative task while using your hands can be soothing. It is just the tonic you need for a mental pick me up.

Cool adult craft ideas

Waste Materials For Craft

So you might be sold with the benefits of crafting and think the next step is to go to the craft store to get supplies. Well for many of us that is just not possible at the moment.

With many of these adult craft ideas, I have chosen projects that use things that you are likely to have around the house.

You can upcycle craft with cardboard from Amazon packaging or even toilet roll holders. Plastic bottles, tin cans, and yogurt containers are also great resources.

Paper Crafting

There are many great adult crafts you can create with paper. From newspapers, magazines, sheet music, tissue paper, paper napkins, and old maps. Newspapers are great for paper mache crafts.

In fact, old maps are one of my sources for crafting paper. They are not only very affordable but can add interest and personalize crafts. Especially if you use maps of places special to you.

If you don’t have a particular map you want to craft with you can easily download and print free vintage maps to use.

Crafting With Fabrics

There are so many adult crafts that you can make with fabric scraps and they don’t have to involve sewing. Fabrics are a great way of adding pattern and texture to an upcycled craft.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a stash of craft fabric there are so many ways you can use upcycled fabrics. Fabrics such as old sweaters, sheets, tea towels denim, shirts and blouses. With these adult craft ideas, you just need a few scraps of material and not yards.

Natural Materials

If you have a garden or manage to go out for a walk in your local park. There are many free natural materials you can gather for your adult craft projects. From rocks, twigs, acorns, and pinecones.

Other Crafting Resources

If you don’t have everything on the material lists for a particular adult craft project and can’t get to the shop, think can I substitute. Say a craft needs beads maybe you can repurpose some from an old necklace or even make paper beads.

For example, many of the crafts call for decoupage glue such as Mod Podge. If you don’t have any try experimenting with normal white glue. White glue (PVA glue) is pretty versatile and can be used on most crafting jobs. It also makes a great varnish.

Did you know you can print onto paper napkins and tissue paper on an inkjet printer? If a craft calls for a patterned paper napkin you don’t have, just print your own.

The Contemporary Adult Craft Ideas


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