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How To Style A Christmas Vintage Printers Tray

Reusing Old Christmas Cards To Style A Vintage Printers Tray

Before I started blogging (when I had more time!). I used to print with a letterpress as a hobby. I still have my old printing presses and vintage printers tray. Actually, I have half a dozen vintage printers trays so I thought I'd...
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Make Your Own Christmas Crackers With Old Maps

How To Make Your Own Christmas Crackers Using Vintage Maps

One of the best things about the Christmas dinner is the crackers on the table! And handmade Christmas crackers are the best!     Also, it's so easy to make your own Christmas crackers!     You can use paper that matches your Christmas table decor or personalize them by using...
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How To Make A Vintage Wooden Thread Spool Ornament

Upcycled Vintage Wooden Thread Spool Ornament For Christmas

I have combined my favourite Christmas song lyrics with something you find in an old sewing tin to make a vintage wooden thread spool ornament.     I love rummaging through old tins full of sewing bits and pieces. As well as the gorgeous old buttons I'm also drawn...
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How To Make Paper Rosettes Decorations From Old Maps

Repurposed Map Rosettes for Christmas Decorations, Ornaments, and Present Toppers

If you look at many old roadmaps they are often printed in Christmassy colours (white, red and green)!. The backgrounds are white, forests and open spaces are green and major roads are printed in red. That's one of the reasons I decided to use them to...
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