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51 Christmas Crafts to Sell: Making the Most of the 2023 Festive Craft Trend!

Discover 2023’s best Christmas crafts to sell. Dive into the world of trendy DIY gifts, know the buyers’ preferences, and master the art of profitable crafting this festive season!

The holiday season always brings a touch of magic, and what better way to embrace that enchantment than with handmade Christmas crafts?

If you’re passionate about crafting and want extra income, selling your handmade creations can be a delightful sideline.

Why Sell Christmas Crafts?

  1. Unique Gifts: Handmade crafts are one-of-a-kind. In an era where mass production is the norm, handcrafted items stand out, offering buyers the chance to gift something unique.
  2. Eco-Friendly Option: Many handmade crafts, especially those made from upcycled or repurposed materials, appeal to the eco-conscious buyer. Sustainability is trending, and your crafts could lead the charge.
  3. Support Local: Purchasing handmade gifts can mean supporting local artisans and the community. There’s a growing movement towards shopping local, and your crafts cater to that audience.

Remember, these crafts can also double as personal homemade gifts, bringing a touch of authenticity and love to Christmas gifting.

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Who’s Buying?

  • Eco warriors are looking for sustainable gift options.
  • Shoppers keen on unique gifts that break away from mass-produced items.
  • Locals are aiming to support community artisans.
  • Individuals seek the authenticity and character that only handmade crafts can provide.

Where and How to Sell:

  1. Online Platforms: Websites like Etsy or your eCommerce site can attract a global audience.
  2. Local Craft Fairs: Engage directly with your community and understand your local market.
  3. Pop-up Shops: Collaborate with local businesses for a temporary space, especially during the festive rush.
  4. Pricing for Profit: Remember to factor in all costs – materials, time, platform fees, and shipping. Pricing is an art; you want to remain competitive while ensuring you make a profit.

Stay updated with the latest trends. Sustainability is big, so crafts focusing on upcycled materials or eco-friendly processes will likely be more popular. Research colours, patterns, and themes predicted to be in vogue for 2023.

Many of these craft ideas could also double up as Christmas gift ideas. Apart from the obvious monetary benefit of selling these crafts, there’s a joy in knowing that someone’s festive season is brighter because of your creation.

And if you choose to gift them, the receiver will undoubtedly appreciate the time, effort, and love you’ve put into crafting something unique for them.

Crafting is not just an art; it’s a passion. By selling your Christmas crafts, you share a piece of that passion with the world while earning from your creativity. Happy crafting!

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Donna @ Modern on Monticello

Monday 25th of September 2023

Love these ideas. Even if you don't plan to sell them they definitely are great for unique decor or as gifts. This post will be a feature this week. #HomeMattersParty

Claire Armstrong

Tuesday 26th of September 2023

Thank you, look forward to seeing the feature. Christmas is my favourite time to craft as you can make loads of gifts.

Paula Short

Monday 25th of September 2023

I love these ideas. What wonderful inspiration you've given. Visiting today from Happiness Is Homemade 489 #39

Claire Armstrong

Monday 25th of September 2023

Thank you so much for visiting. Yes these are great ideas for homemade Christmas gifts as well as ones to sell.


Wednesday 13th of September 2023

So many crafts so little time. LOL Can't wait to start using the crafts. Thank you.

Claire Armstrong

Thursday 14th of September 2023

Thank you I hope you’ve found a Christmas craft here to inspire you.


Tuesday 12th of September 2023

Wow!!! Very enchanted!!!

Claire Armstrong

Wednesday 13th of September 2023

Thank you so much.