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A Unique Rainbow Thistle Decoration To Make

A Colourful Thistle Decoration For Your Mantle

At the bottom of my road is a gorgeous park and river. Most mornings I walk our old dog Toby across the park and along the embankment. The riverbank is lined by thistle plants which are all dry now. I've picked a...

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How To Make A String Art Neon Heart Sign

String Neon Heart Sign for Valentine's

The post title might say that this string neon heart sign is for Valentine's. But, I believe that just like love, this gorgeous neon sign is for all year round and not just Valentines day!

I've always loved crafting and making...

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How To Make Pretty Map Luminary Bags

Brighten Up Your Home With Map Luminary Bags

Living in the Northern hemisphere, our winter evenings are long and dark. I love to brighten up my home with lots of indoor light decorations like these pretty map luminary bags.

Normally, I use those lovely copper string lights you can get like with my brilliant...

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