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Map Themed Gift Guide For The Map Lover

Best Ideas for Map Themed Gifts 2017

I admit it I have a bit of a map obsession. Regular readers to this blog will know that I'll cover almost anything I can in a map!   I think maps are beautiful, fascinating and personal. They are great for sparking memories of special places and vacations.   A lot...
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15 Unique Ways To Make A Christmas Advent Calendar

Unique DIY Christmas Advent Calendar Ideas

For me, the build-up to Christmas day is actually more exciting than the big day itself. One of my favourite ways to add to all that festive excitement is with a Christmas Advent Calendar.   Every year I love to make our own upcycled Christmas advent calendar and fill them with...
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15 Of The Best Mountain Crafts and DIY’s For Your Home

For The Love of Mountain Crafts

I thought it would be fun to do a round up of my favourite Mountain crafts and DIY ideas for the home.   I grew up on the top of a mountain (Mt Nicholson, Hong Kong) all be it a small one. My husbands family is from Norway which is all...
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15 Of The Most Unique Ikea Lamp Hacks

Simple and Clever Ikea Lamp Hacks to Make Now

Ikea hacks are such fun. I love nothing more than picking up something from Ikea taking it home and transforming it. I especially love Ikea Lamp hacks.   I get a buzz from transforming a mass produced item to something that is completely unique. Here I...
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All the Best Ideas for Making Denim Pillows (Cushions)

How to upcycle old jeans into denim pillows

My old jeans stash doesn't seem to be getting any smaller. Now that I have a bit of a reputation of a denim upcycler, friends and family are always passing me their cast-offs.   Not that I'm complaining, please carry on giving me your old denim, I will find...
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Amazing and unique ways to repurpose vintage suitcases

Unique Upcycles of Vintage Suitcases You Might Not Have Thought Of

Vintage suitcases aren't very practical for traveling with these days, but they do look good!   They are heavy and don't have inbuilt wheels. Lugging them around is like a gym workout. Now everyone wants a modern suitcase with wheels just to save their backs...
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