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How To Style A Christmas Vintage Printers Tray

Reusing Old Christmas Cards To Style A Vintage Printers Tray

Before I started blogging (when I had more time!). I used to print with a letterpress as a hobby. I still have my old printing presses and vintage printers tray. Actually, I have half a dozen vintage printers trays so I thought I'd...
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How To Make A Stylish Scandinavian Christmas Tree

Instructions For A Simple Scandinavian Christmas Tree

This simple but stylish Scandinavian Christmas tree is well worth the effort. It is designed to last for years and can be easily dismantled and stored away at the end of the festive season. Ready to be simply reassembled for many future Christmas's.     I'd like to say that...
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How To Make A Beautiful Angel Wings Christmas Ornament

Repurposed Doilie Angel Wings Christmas Ornament

Angel wings Christmas ornaments seem to be the Christmas decoration of the year. Or maybe it's just me noticing them because I love the trend! I thought I'd join in with my own repurposed version of angel wings.     I have made some angel wings Christmas ornaments in the past...
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How To Upcycle Packaging Into A Gingerbread Garland

Repurpose Your Christmas Packaging Into A Gingerbread Garland

It's shameful the number of cardboard boxes that arrive at our house in the build-up to Christmas! I try to ease my guilt over this mountain of cardboard by repurposing some of it into Christmas decorations like with this gingerbread garland.     Last year I made some rather Read more

How To Make A Rustic Christmas Tree From Old Lampshades

Upcycled Lampshades Into A Rustic Christmas Tree

I have a confession to make! I don't like real Christmas trees that's why I made a rustic Christmas tree!     Actually, that's not totally true. I do like real Christmas trees, I just don't like them in my house. The dropped pine needles drive me mad. I...
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