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It’s All About That Bass Ceramic

Customising Ceramics

Last week I upcycled some old crockery by adding my own images.  I did this while on an upcyling course at Bedford Arts & Craft Centre taught by Lisa Tiley of uoldbag.

finsished ceramics


How I did it

Firstly I drew my images out and then scanned them.  These digital images were sent to fotoceramics who then returned them as printed transfers.

Pinapple drawing

bass drawing

The transfers were carefully cut out around the design.  Then immersed in warm water where the transfer comes away from the backing paper.  You then position it on to your ceramics dabbing with a paper towel to remove excess water and any bubbles.  After drying the ceramics were fired in a kiln (800-860c for about 20-30mins).

raw ceramicsPineapple platebassplatesugarpot


Other Methods

If you don’t have access to a kiln you can get ceramic decal paper  which you can use at home.   Also you can decorate ceramics with sharpies and fire them in your oven at home at 180 C for 30mins which is what  I have done here

sharpie mug

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