Learn How To Make Simple Gorgeous Rustic Stars

DIY Denim And Burlap Rustic Stars Ornaments

My favourite kind of crafts has two key elements. One, they are free or almost free as they use stuff you already have or involve recycling. Secondly, they are sweet and simple. Well, I can safely say that these gorgeous rustic stars tick both these boxes.
I tend to associate stars with Christmas and these rustic stars would make a lovely addition to my Christmas decorations. However, as they are not in the traditional colours you think of with Christmas decorations they wouldn’t look out of place other times of the year.
You can simply hang them on the walls, the mantle or even make a big one to have as a wreath on the door. The rustic look the denim and burlap give these stars means that they would go great with the farmhouse, industrial or neutral decor. I think upcycled denim can easily be repurposed into some cool wall hangings such as with my denim feather wall decor.
DIY denim and burlap rustic stars wall decor
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What you need to make rustic stars

What you need to make rustic stars

How to make denim and burlap rustic stars


  1. Making a wireframe for your stars is relatively easy. Simply place your five-star template on top of a scrap piece of wood, I used an old cabinet door. Then hammer in a nail at every point and indentation of the star (10 nails).
    Nailing star template.

  3. The next thing to do is to wrap the galvanised wire around each nail to form a wire shape. Secure the wire with a twist at the end using the pliers and cut off the end.
    making a wire star frame

  5. Strip the denim (or burlap) into long pieces approximately 1/2″ – 1″ wide.
    strips of denim and burlap for making rustic stars

  7. Simply wrap the strips of fabric around the wireframe securing with Mod Podge as you go. How many layers of fabric you use depends on how thick you would like your stars. I used 2 layers of fabric for my rustic stars. When you have finished wrapping the fabric hold the final strip in place with a pin whilst the glue dry’s.

Wrapping fabric strips around the wire frame to make denim stars
Denim rustic star ornament made from recycled jeans.  Full tutorial for this gorgeous recycled craft.  Click to see the burlap rustic star version too!
DIy denim and burlap rustic stars for great home decoration
DIY burlap rustic stars, for a fabulous home decoration, fall ornament or Christmas decoration
Make rustic stars to decorate your home. They can be made from recycled jeans or burlap on a simple wireframe. A great upcycled Christmas decoration.
You can make these rustic stars any size all you need to do is use a different star template in the size that you want.

Full tutorial on how to make these simple burlap rustic stars.  Several hung together make for a lovely Christmas decoration or hang a large one on your door as a wreath.


Use the denim scraps from your recycled jeans to make these gorgeous rustic stars. They make for a lovely farmhouse style decoration.

One of my favourite things is to decorate my home at Christmas with upcycled ornaments. Along with these rustic stars I have made lots of upcycled decorations that you might want to check some of them out.
Denim hearts wreath
Sweater Upcycled Christmas Ornaments
Upcycled Sweater Felt Ornaments
Upcycled Christmas Shuttlecock Angels
For more star themed crafts visit allfreeholidaycrafts.com.


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  4. These are so sweet, I hate putting clothes on wire coat hangers so if we get them from the dry cleaners I’m always looking for ways to discreetly remove them from the wardrobe and use them for an essential craft project!

    • Thank you, metal coat hangers would be great for this craft and also for making a heart version.

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  6. These are so cool. I have a ton of old jeans that I need to get rid of. This is the perfect project. Thanks for sharing on More the Merrier Monday link party!!

  7. I love your stars! I really appreciated learning how to make the star shape.

  8. Claire, appreciate the tutorial on these stars! Looks easy enough that I could do it, or maybe you just make it look easy! Love the look of the starts hanging from the branch! And I bet it would work with other fabrics too. So cute!

    • Thank you, Florence. They would look great with other fabric scraps, perhaps red for a more traditional festive look.

  9. These are so so pretty, I love how simple they are and they’re the perfect homely decoration for this time of year. Thank you for linking up to HomeEtc X

  10. Simple but yet so effective. These are some really cute xmas decor!

  11. Excellent DIY that can be repeated with children, and I agree that you can use these throughout the year as bedroom decor!

    • Thank you, Jenny. I’d love to get my kids involved in Christmas crafting but as they are big strapping lads now I don’t think there will be much chance of that.

  12. Unusual Christmas decorations are the way forward. I like the fact that you’re not using traditional colours such as green or red. The colour palette with denim and burlap looks great!

    • Thanks, I love Christmas crafting in different colours not just the traditional red and green.

  13. So cute! Might have to try with the kids for Christmas…

  14. I love these! I always get into a crafting mood around Fall/Christmas-time, so I think I might have a few friends over and give these a go – I love that they could be used as a year-round wall decoration too!

    xo Jaime

  15. Awesome!!!!1 Your stars are beautiful Claire. Forget Christmas they would stay up all year in our house.

    • Thank you, Michelle. I’ve got a sneaky feeling they’ll stay up long after Christmas in my home.

  16. Love these, Claire! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  17. Great idea. I like that you can make them any size and use up your scraps. Thank you for sharing. I am pinning this idea.

  18. Awesome way to use up the last small scraps left over from jeans. They make for a lovely ornament hanging from the small branch.

    • Thank you Pam. I’m always looking for new ways t use up my denim scrap

  19. Very neat, as usual, Claire! Perfect for the upcoming holiday season. Visiting from Grandma’s House.

  20. So pretty and such a good idea! I am going to have a go at this…x

  21. These turned out great – love the piece of wood they are hanging from…I hope you come share at Reader Tip Tuesday: http://www.jodiefitz.com/2017/10/17/reader-tip-tuesday-weeks-craft-recipe-party-8/
    We’re open & growing all week…

  22. Wendy Robbins

    Love your cute stars! We must be thinking alike, because I’m currently working on some Christmas macrame stars! lol

    • Thank you, Wendy. I’m looking forward to seeing your Macrame stars.

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