How to Make A Tropical Fabric Birdhouse Decoration

Make your own Gorgeous Tropical Fabric Birdhouse Decoration

I love the tropical trend at the moment, I think it’s because it remind me of my childhood growing up in the far east. To add a bit of tropical fun to my decor I made this gorgeous tropical fabric birdhouse.
This birdhouse is basically an updated version of my very popular homemade fabric birdhouses. The big difference is the roof and the tropical fabric print I used. Also, I managed to find some lovely tropical birds to adorn my birdhouse.
I actually prefer this tropical fabric version of my birdhouse to the original. I will definitely be making more of them to decorate my home with. These birdhouses also make a great gift for someone. They are so easy and fun to make for a very little cost. You can either buy some tropical fabric or even use an old Hawaiian shirt or printed blouse to make the birdhouses with.
DIY Tropical Fabric Birdhouse Decoration
These tropical fabric birdhouses are very easy to make home decoration or gift.  Free pattern and full instructions.
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What you need to craft a tropical fabric birdhouse

  • Birdhouse template – You can download this template from my original homemade fabric birdhouse post for here free.
  • Cardboard – Scrap cardboard from old packaging is fine. I find amazon boxes great for this craft.
    Tropical print fabric – As the tropical look is really popular at the moment there are loads of tropical fabric prints around. I’m sure you’ll find one online you like, you’ll need no more than a fat quarter.
  • Fabric scraps to compliment your tropical fabric.
  • Quilt batting/wadding Only need about a fat quarters worth.
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Green embroidery floss
  • Embroidery needles
  • Large natural wood craft sticks (like fat popsicle sticks)
  • Twig for perch
  • Clip on decorative tropical birds
  • Antiquing wood wax
    Birds for tropical fabric birdhouse
    Tropical Fabric for birdhouses

    How to make a tropical fabric birdhouse base

    The birdhouses are made exactly the same way as my original fabric birdhouses except for the roof. If you want more detailed instructions for the birdhouse base then the ones below, then click over to the original birdhouse post
    1. Download template from original birdhouse post.
    2. Use the template to cut out the seven cardboard pieces. Cover with wadding and fabric using the glue gun according to the instructions. Don’t forget to cut out a entrance hole.
    Tropical fabric birdhouses pieces
    3. Sew up the fronts and sides of the tropical fabric birdhouses, using your embroidery thread and a giant cross stitch. Also sew a simple stitch around the entrance hole.
    Stitching up the tropical fabric birdhouses
    4. Use the glue gun to stick the top and bottom pieces to the stitched birdhouse base. Using a sharp object pierce a hole in the front of the birdhouse for a perch and wedge a twig into the hole.

    How to make the roof of your tropical fabric birdhouse

    This is where the instructions differ from my original fabric birdhouses. Instead of covering the cardboard roof piece with fabric, I made a wooden roof.
    Tropical fabric birdhouses roof pieces
    1. Wax your natural wood craft sticks to darken them. I used about 12 woodsticks for each birdhouse, enough to cover up the cardboard. You may also want to paint the underside of cardboard a darker colour.
    2. Fold your cardboard roof piece in half. Using the glue gun stick 6 of the craft sticks to each side of the roof.
    Tropical fabric birdhouse roof
    Finished tropical fabric birdhouse roof
    3. Again using the glue gun stick the wooden roof to top of your tropical fabric birdhouse. Now all you need to do is add tropical birds.
    These gorgeous tropical fabric birdhouses are really easy to make.  They make for a lovely home decoration or even a gift.  Step by step tutorial and free pattern.
    Embrace the tropical trend with this gorgeous fabric tropical birdhouse.  Fun and easy to make with free template.
    Tropical Fabric Birdhouse - Fun decoration, easy to make with free pattern and tutorial.
    Free pattern and tutorial to make this gorgeous tropical fabric birdhouse.

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