How To Make Gorgeous Fabric Birdhouses For Your Home

How to Make Homemade Fabric Birdhouses to Decorate Your Home

Don’t you just love walking into homes that have interesting things on the wall? It’s often what really makes a house unique and homely. The stuff on the wall or the mantle gives the home personality. It doesn’t just have to be pictures on the wall, you can hang things like these gorgeous fabric birdhouses.
A fabric birdhouses looks fantastic as a wall decoration and costs very little to make. I made several fabric birdhouses at once and displayed together in a clustered, they look great.
To make on of the fabric birdhouses even more special I used the fabric of an old favourite patterned shirt. For another fabric birdhouse, as I love to upcycle jeans, I made one of my birdhouses in denim with bit of Scandinavian fabric.
*To embrace the tropical trend, I have since updated the birdhouse with a new tropical fabric birdhouse. Which as well as using tropical fabrics it has a completely different roof to this one.
Use fabric scraps and cardboard to make these gorgeous fabric birdhouses for your home.  They also make a lovely gift.
Birdhouses shelf2 gl
Denim Birdhouse
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What You Need to Make Fabric Birdhouses

 What you need to make fabric bird houses


How to make the Fabric Birdhouses

First cutting out all the bits for the birdhouses..

  1. Cut out the cardboard into 7 pieces according to the template. (Fabric Birdhouse template pdf download). You can make the birdhouse the same size as the template or change to a size your prefer.
    As you can see we have made the Fabric Birdhouses in various sizes.

  3. Then using the template cut wadding, for the front, back, and sides of the birdhouse only. With glue, stick this wadding to the appropriate bits of card.

  5. Employing a shot glass or large coin, draw a circle on the front of the birdhouse. Cut out this circle to make the entrance. Directly below this circular entrance pierce the wadding and cardboard to make way for a twig perch.

  7. Next cut out a fabric piece for each of your 7 pieces of cardboard. Use the template as your guide but allow at least a 1cm boarder for each piece of fabric.
    You will need 2 bits of fabric for the roof as the underside will be visible. I tend to use 3 different fabric patterns for my birdhouses, one for the front and back, one for the sides and one for the roof.
    It is not so important what you use for the top or bottom as this is not really on show.

    Next the glueing bit …

  9. There should be 8 cut pieces of fabric. Glue these to the appropriate pieces of card, by wrapping around the card and gluing the overlap on the back of the card.
    Either tuck your corners in or cut them. Glue the top fabric of the roof before gluing the underside piece and tuck the underside under and glue around the edge rather than wrapping around the card. Pin your fabric to keep it in place as it dries.
    Fabric Birdhouses instructions 1

  11. At the front of the birdhouse, cut the fabric so that it can be tucked into the circular entrance. Blanket stitch around this hole. Pierce the fabric where you made a hole for the perch and stick your twig in it.

    Putting the fabric birdhouses together..

  13. First hand stitch the front and back to the sides with the crewel wool. A basic stitch that will join the pieces together is all that’s needed. You can either loosely stitch in the top and bottom of the birdhouses or glue them in.

  15. Then bend the roof piece to create a pitched roof. Attach the roof to the top of the Birdhouse with glue, secure with pins whilst the glue dries.

Fabric birdhouse instructions

Finishing off the birdhouses..

All you need to finish off the birdhouse is a little fabric bird to clip to it. Other decorations such as a pom-pom trim can be added.
Fabric birdhouse 
Fabric Birdhouses
These fabric birdhouses make a really gorgeous homemade gift. I have had several requests to make them for family and friends. They are really easy to personalize, by making them in fabrics that you know will reflect the decor and taste of the person you’re making them for.
If you love making handmade gifts here are a few more ideas.
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  30. These are so cute! I hope you don’t use them for actual birds!

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      Thanks. No just for decoration and I use those lovely clip on birds you can get some of which look really good. The real birds getting the boring wooden one outside.

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    • Cheers and thank you ! I’m actually making some more at the moment but this time I’m going for a more tropical theme.

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    • Thank you! They are fun to make I think I’ve made about 8 of them so far in different sizes they look great as a wall display.

  67. These are just the sweetest little birdhouses I ever did see! They would make lovely gifts!

    • Thank you, and yes they make a great gift especially if you make them with a favourite old blouse.

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