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15 Unique DIY Medicine Cabinet Ideas For Your Bathroom

Inside: Plans and tutorials for 15 unique DIY medicine cabinet ideas

Did you know bandages have an expiry date? I didn’t until I started cleaning my old medicine cabinet when updating my bathroom. I thought as they were for external use, only bandages would last forever, but apparently, they become less sterile over time.

After checking and chucking out all the other out-of-date medicine, I kept the bandages for crafting; they are suitable for paper mache and plaster projects!

At the same time, I decided I also needed a new cabinet, as it no longer fit my needs or bathroom style. But I’d run out of budget, so I looked into making my medicine cabinet and found these fabulous ideas.

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Things To Consider When Making a Medicine Cabinet

By considering these factors, you can make a DIY medicine cabinet that is functional, safe, and stylish.

  1. Space: Ensure the cabinet will fit comfortably in the area and leave enough room for other bathroom fixtures and fittings.
  2. Size: Consider how much storage space you need for your medications and other bathroom essentials. Ensure the cabinet size is proportionate to the available space and fits your storage needs.
  3. Style: Decide on the type of materials, finishes, and colours that will complement the overall décor of your bathroom.
  4. Safety: Ensure it is sturdy enough to hold the weight of your medications and other items. If you have young children in the home, consider installing a lock on the cabinet to prevent unauthorized access to your medicines.
  5. Lighting: Consider adding lighting to the cabinet to make finding the items you need easier. You can install lights inside or outside the cabinet to provide adequate illumination.
  6. Accessibility: Make sure it is easy to open and close, and the shelves are adjustable to accommodate different-sized items. I like a thin medicine cabinet so that all bottles are on show and don’t get lost at the back of the cupboard.

Some DIY ideas use repurposing recycled materials such as old wooden crates and pallets. Others use mirrors or artwork as cabinet doors to create a hidden cabinet.

To maximize space and keep items organized, consider installing hooks or magnets on the inside of the cabinet doors or the sides of the cabinet. You could hang small bottles or containers or use magnetic strips to hold metal objects like scissors or tweezers.

By incorporating these ideas into your medicine cabinet design, you can create a functional and personalized storage solution that meets your needs and complements your bathroom décor.

DIY Medicine Cabinet Ideas

Sometimes when updating and installing a new bathroom, you can't find the right cabinet to fit in with your decor or run out of budget. Then why not consider making your DIY medicine cabinet? Here are 15 fabulous ideas to get you started.

Other Ideas

I made a plant shelving unit out of old bed slats that would also look great in a bathroom and would be handy for storage.

The mini chests of drawers in IKEA, called Moppe, are handy for make-up and medicine storage. This upcycled map Moppe would look great with the map suitcase medicine cabinet.

This upcycled curios cupboard would also look great in a bathroom as a towel cupboard.