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The Most Unique Ways to Hack Moppe Ikea Mini Drawers

Moppe is the name Ikea gives to those cute unfinished birch desktop draws.

I don’t know why they call them that. I put Moppe into Google translate and it didn’t come up with anything of meaning, so I think it’s one of those random Swedish words Ikea give their stuff.

Whatever you call the Ikea Moppe, it is a handy piece of furniture and great fun to hack.

Amazing Clever Ikea Mini Drawers (Moppe) Hacks

Unfinished Ikea Moppe Hack

The Ikea mini drawers of the Moppe are so useful, I have three of these around my house. One sits on my desk in the study. Another is in the hardware cupboard for storing screws and nails.

There is even one on the bookcase in the lounge for random little stuff I find lying around the house, even though I’m not sure what it is, it looks too important to throw away.

So far I have only managed to hack two of these Moppes, so I’m on the lookout for a creative hack for the third.

The Moppe Ikea Mini drawers come unfinished so they are ripe for hacking.  Here are some of the most innovative and creative mini drawers hacks.

See if you can decide which one is your favourite because I can’t pick one!

20 Unique and creative ways to hack Ikea mini drawers.

1 to 5 …

1. Ikea Moppe Map Hack with leather pulls – Pillarboxblue.

This is one of my own (Ikea Moppe) hacks and it does look very handsome in the study. Mind you put a map on anything and it looks great. The leather pulls on these mini drawers are a stylish finishing touch.

You can download free printable maps for crafting here.

A fantastic IKEA Moppe hack with a vintage world map and leather draw handles. Full step by step DIY. Great gift for those with wanderlust.

2. Moppe DIY Card Catalog – AKA Design

The crackled paint finish on this Moppe Ikea mini drawers hack is amazing. I love the little labels too!

3. IKEA Moppe Hack Apothecary Cabinet – Interior Frugalista

The legs on this apothecary Ikea Moppe hack turn it into a much bigger piece of furniture. That combined with the white paint certainly gives it a French shabby feel.

4. Ikea Moppe Hack – Cord and chrager organizer – Blueistyle.

Now I need one of these in my life, well in my kitchen. What a brilliant use of mini drawers for a cool charging station organizer.

5. Fabric Covered Ikea Moppe Hack for Craft Room – Zwergenstoffe

I love the colourfulness of the fabric-covered drawer fronts with their mini chests. The way they are hung on the walls in the craft room looks sweet too!.

unique ways to do an Ikea Moppe Hack


6. Wallpaper decoupaged Ikea Moppe Hack – handmadekultur

What a cool choice of wallpaper, for this decoupaged Moppe mini drawers hack.

unique ikea moppe mini drawers hack

7. Vintage decoupaged Ikea mini drawers hack – liveinternet

If you think this vintage bird graphic decoupaged chest is gorgeous, you should check out the other mini drawers’ hacks on this Russian site. There are some really lovely ones.

Ikea Moppe Hack

8. Chalkboard Ikea Mini Drawers – kreativfieber

This is a very simple Ikea hack with chalkboard paint. Great for craft room organisation.

ikea moppe hack

9. Ikea Moppe and Bekvam Stool Combination – handundfuss

Now, this is a unique hack mashing the Ikea Bekvam footstool with an Ikea Moppe for a minimalist piece of Scandi furniture.

Ikea Moppe hack

10. Ikea Mini Draws House – schweizergarten

How freaking adorable is this. These shopfronts remind me of the ones in the old town part of Bergen, Norway where my in-laws are from.

ikea Moppe Hack


11. Retro style Mini drawers hack – Curbly

Lovely the retro styling with these Ikea mini drawers. The colours are perfect, and I didn’t know you could get hairpin legs that small. These hacked mini drawers would also work well with an Ikea Moppe.

12. Channel Ikea Moppe hack – Funkynality

This may be a bit bling for me, but it is a fabulously unique Ikea Moppe mini drawers hack. The pimp for those after that high-end designer look.

ikea moppe mini drawers hack

13 Geometric double Ikea Moppe mini drawers hack – helloctober

This is a great geometric paint job on this double Moppe Ikea mini drawers chest.

Ikea moppe mini drawers hack

14. Vintage decoupaged mini drawers – galadreams

How about a steampunk vibe? The different vintage pattern papers and labels give these mini drawers set an interesting look.

wooden mini drawers hack

15. Chest of Drawers with Ikea Moppe – Solebich

This is on a German blog and all I can find is the picture. Even though there is no tutorial, I had to show it as it’s a fantastic piece of modern furniture.


16. Stylish Ikea Moppe wall chest of drawers – akicsihaz

Wow! This is an unusual and stylish Moppe hack for a hallway.

ikea  mini drawers hack Moppe

17. Antique Moppe Mini Drawers – Meinfeinstaub

Love the antique staining and gorgeous handles on this Moppe for a museum-like look.

ikea mini drawers moppe hack

18. Simple Geometric Ikea Moppe Hack – Arstect

Sometimes simple is all you need, like with this Moppe mini drawer hack.

19. Rainbow mini drawers chest – Style-files

Again all I have is a picture, but what a picture. These are gorgeous, all that lovely colour.

Ikea Industrial moppe hack

20. DIY Moppe Chest of Drawers – Roomilicious

This chest of drawers on casters is fabulous and I love the black on white dots.

21. Luxurious Velvet IKEA Moppe hack – Pillarboxblue

These drawers were the old-style IKEA Moppe, but the principles are the same. Velvet gives the drawers a lovely glam Boho vibe. I love the little tag labels on each drawer.

IKEA velvet drawers hack

22. Fox painted Moppe – Whipperberry

A clever tutorial on how to paint a cute fox face on the front of a Moppe chest of drawers. This would look fabulous in any kid’s bedroom.

best Ikea Moppe hacks

After looking at all these Moppe mini drawers, I still can’t decide what to do with my third Moppe. I think I will buy some more and construct a new piece of furniture with them.

Wallpaper is another quick way to update IKEA Moppes, this upcycled drawers tutorial could easily be adapted for smaller chests of drawers.

Perhaps do a bit of an Ikea mash-up with some other Ikea furniture. Watch this space!

IKEA Moppe Mini Drawers hack

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Freja Frejadotter

Wednesday 25th of September 2019

IKEA is a Swedish company that name their furnitures etc after Swedish words. So Moppe IS slang for Moped. They are not using the Danish word for mop. I'm Swedish, I know.

Claire Armstrong

Thursday 26th of September 2019

Ok. Thank you for clearing that up.

Linda at Mixed Kreations

Sunday 4th of August 2019

Oh wow so many awesome ideas! I see so many I love it would be hard to puck a favorite!

Claire Armstrong

Sunday 4th of August 2019

Thank you, I like the big industrial chest.

Thesa Casey

Thursday 30th of May 2019

I just love the Ideas. Awesome *_* very beautyfull work!

Claire Armstrong

Friday 31st of May 2019

Thank you

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Tuesday 22nd of January 2019

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Jannicke Hellberg

Friday 11th of August 2017

I love these Ikea-hacks! As a swede I can give the translation of Moppe. Moppe is slang for the swedish word Moped, which is the same as the english word Moped. Who would have guessed? ?

Claire Armstrong

Friday 11th of August 2017

Thank you and thanks for the translation. ? My mother in law is Norwegian and I've noticed that a lot of Norwegian words are similar to Northern English, maybe something to do with the Vikings!