How to Make Upcycled Denim Bunting

How to Make Patriotic Upcycled Bunting Two Different Ways

Nothing makes a garden or patio look ready for a party than a bit of bunting. I always associate bunting with summer fairs and garden parties. This denim bunting I originally made a few years ago for the Queens Jubilee, we had a street party.
The upcycled denim bunting I originally made was Union Jack bunting, but as most of my blog audience is American I’ve also made a Stars and Stripes version just for you! It was quite easy to adapt my flag bunting design from Union Jack to Stars and stripes as they are both red white and blue.
So whether you celebrating the Queen’s Birthday, the latest Royal wedding or the 4th of July there is a bunting for you!
Upcycled Flag Denim Bunting
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What you need to make your denim bunting


Depending on how long you want your bunting will determine how many pairs of jeans and how much ribbon.
Upcycled denim bunting 2 ways

How to make your upcycled denim bunting

  1. First, make a triangular cardboard template the size you want for your bunting. Use this template as a guide for cutting out your denim. Personally I prefer to use a rotary cutter and board to cut my denim, but scissors are fine, just a bit slower. You will need 2 denim triangles for each piece of bunting one for the front and the other for the back.

  3. Secondly lay out your ribbon, depending on what flag you’re making. You can either sew your ribbon flag design to your denim triangles or the easy option is to glue them with fabric Mod Podge. Gluing instead of sewing does make your bunting a little stiffer but this is no bad thing.

  5. I have 2 graphics to show you how to make your upcycled bunting, one for Union Jack bunting and one for Stars and Stripes bunting. They are both practically the same except for how you arrange the red and white ribbon. Also, you note there are stars on the American bunting. I used a die to cut out these stars from some spare white ribbon. If you don’t have a die cutter you can always use a star stamp instead.
    Upcycled Denim bunting stars and stripes
    Upcycled denim bunting Union jack

  7. After you have glued or sewn your ribbon pieces into place, get a blank triangle of denim and pin these 2 pieces right sides together. Sew round the sides leaving the top open. Trim off an excess ribbon, and turn right side out. You will need a pencil or something pointed to push out the tip of your triangle.

  9. To sew your bunting triangles together in a long garland, fold over your blue ribbon and pin this to the top of your triangle. Make sure that you place the denim in between the ribbon fold. Then simply sew your denim bunting flags to the blue ribbon. All you need now is a party !
    Upcycled Denim bunting Stars and Stripes
    Upcycled Denim bunting Stars and Stripes
     Upcycled Denim bunting Union Jack.  there is also a Stars and Stripes version on the blog

I first made my Union Jack bunting in 2012 for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee when we had a street party. I got it out again for the royal wedding in 2013. It’s been sitting in a draw since then but will be back on display next weekend for Harry and Megans Wedding.
Upcycled denim bunting- Full tutorial including one for Stars and Stripes.
If you are looking for more upcycled denim projects check out my page.


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  1. So much fun, you can keep this kind of bunting for ever and just whip it out for auspicious occasions!
    Did you watch the wedding last week? I loved it, watched the whole thing in my PJ’s with tea and toast. Perfect!

    • Thank you. Yes I watch the whole thing whilst having a traditional English breakfast round a friend’s and I loved every minute of it.

  2. So talented! With Harry’s royal wedding coming up British and American Bunting would be perfect!

    • Thank you. That’s true I didn’t think of that I can put both up together for Harry and Megan’s wedding.

  3. Hey Claire! I’m stopping by to let you know that I featured your bunting from the Celebrate the USA Link Party!

  4. Claire, you are the queen of denim up-cycles!! These are so cute!! Thank you for sharing with us at Create and Celebrate!!

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  7. Claire is it possible that I didn’t comment the first time around? I love the Queen! I was watching the Crown a few months ago and it was very good. Dr Who married to the Queen! You know I love everything you do! And this is no exception. Love those cute little stars!

    • Thank you Mary, I loved the Crown can’t wait for the next season. I’m sure you could adapt it and make a Greek flag perhaps bleach the denim!

  8. Jen

    I definitely have some denim that needs a new lease on life. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  9. These are both very well done, It awesome that you celebrate the queens 90th birthday. Cucumber sandwiches are a favorite of mine as well, but I don’t know what Pimm is. I am going to guess its an English Ale or tea?

    • Thank you Leanna. Pimms is an English fruity spirit that you make into a kind of punch with lemonade and you add strawberries, cucumber and lemon and mint. It’s a very popular drink a to events like Wimbledon or any big summer party.

  10. I love bunting and I would still use denim and cute ribbon even though I am in Ireland 🙂

  11. This is wonderful way to re-use old denim fabric and create a patriotic tribute for July 4 curb appeal.

    • Thank you so much, I make the Union Jack ones for royal celebrations like the Jubilee.

  12. Super cute bunting! Thanks for sharing @Vintage Charm!

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  14. I love the hearts on the stripes! Thanks for sharing on the Pleasures of the NW’s DIY party!

  15. These are so fun and festive! Thanks for sharing on the #WasteLessWednesday blog hop!

  16. What an adorable bunting. Love upcycling old jeans. So great for Memorial weekend and all the other holidays coming up.

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  18. Oh my! This bunting is cute beyond words! I love it! I love upcycled denim projects, and I adore the heart ribbon you used. I’m pinning this to my Patriotic Pins board. I’m inspired and may make my own denim bunting soon! Thanks for sharing this wonderfully creative idea!

    • Thank you ! You should make some, like denim it’s really robust. I’ve had the same denim bunting for years.

  19. Your bunting looks terrific. Thanks for the tutorial and for sharing at our Celebrate the USA Party. Pinned and Tweeted.

  20. What a fun way to use up small pieces of denim, Claire. As always, a great tutorial.

  21. Great job Claire, perfect weight for outdoors, love that it isn’t delicate looking like other versions! thanks for sharing on craft schooling Sunday!

  22. Loved your bunting project..what a super recyle idea!!You have been Pinned, Tweeted and Posted to Facebook! Your post will be featured this week at the Friday Favorites Link Party. The party goes LIVE on Thursdays at 7PM at I hope to see your there! Hugs – Christine at Must Love Home

    • Thank you so much ! That is great news, I look forward to seeing it.

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  29. I love all your denim projects Claire. Your bunting looks fantastic! Love that you did the 2 versions. Thanks so much for sharing at Vintage Charm.

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  31. Love the idea of upcycling old jeans into bunting. I would be gluing mine as I am not great at sewing. Love the American Flag version too. Thanks for linking.

  32. Gorgeous and your tut is brilliant. Thank you!!

  33. Claire , you are so talented-
    I love the buntings you created.
    Thank you for sharing at Thoughts of Home.

  34. What a darling bunting! I love the idea of using a star stamp. Thank you for so faithfully joining us at Thoughts of Home on Thursday. You are a treasured blogging friend.

  35. Hello, just found your blog by mistake. I adore your huge variety of beautifully selfmade things. I’ m also a fan of denim and often asked myself how to get a further use out of my family’s old jeans…now I’ve got plenty ideas.
    Wish I had only a quater ( or even less) of actually put into practice self made projects in my home. Thanks for your shared inspirations 🙂

    • Thank you so much ! Lovely to hear that you like the stuff that I make, it’s great to know that I give people some ideas. I’m working on some more denim projects so watch this space.

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  37. It looks fantastic- great job!!! Thank you so much for linking up to Talk of the Town. 🙂

  38. I never think to use denim in my crafts. After seeing yours, I think it just might make an appearance. Very cute.

    • Thank you ! I keep all my old denim to use for craft, It’s a great fabric.

  39. Love how you pieced these together, cute! Thanks for sharing on Talk of the Town!

  40. Very cute! Love the use of mismatched ribbon. And your heart pins are super fun. Visiting from Handmade and Handcrafted party.

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  42. Claire, I just love this bunting!! What an amazing repurpose!!

    • Thank you very much ! It’s going to be out this weekend for the official Queen’s Birthday celebrations.

  43. Your bunting turned out great! I especially love the British flag bunting with the polka dot and gingham ribbons. Glad you were able to join us this month and how sweet for you to include the American flag in your bunting. :o)

    • Thank you so much. It was easy to do as we share the same colours.

  44. These are so festive and adorable. I would hang them all year round. I love how you mixed up the design with different ribbons and such. Have fun celebrating the Queen’s 90th!!

    • Thank you ! It will probably be a tradional celebration with cucumber sandwiches, Victoria sponge cake afternoon tea and perhaps a glass or 2 of Pimms.

  45. Hi, Claire

    Really cute bunting! Denim was a great choice and idea! My grandmother is also British and she will be 92 this June 9th!!!!!

    • THanks ! Wow older than the queen that’s impressive, only 8 more years and she’ll get her telegram.

  46. You bunting is adorable…love the use of the denim! Pinned

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