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How To Make Monogrammed Personalized Gift Tags

One of my favourite shops Anthropologie, sells loads of monogrammed items from hooks, to mugs and candles. They are really popular as a monogram takes a gift to the next level and makes it personal. Inspired by the shop I have made my own gold monogrammed personalized gift tags this year.

These personalized gift tags are not just any old gift tag. As they are made of wood and bauble shapes they would also make a great decoration to hang from the tree.

I have a tradition of making my friend Wendy a personalized gift tag for her December birthday. She then hangs these tags from her Christmas tree. I have kept up the tradition with my latest personalized gift tags.

Homemade gift tags

These tags are a bit more glitzy than my normal personalized gift tags as I have used gold leaf. They are very easy to make and everyone in my family will be getting one this Christmas with their gifts.

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What You Need To Make Monogrammed Baubles

what you need

How To Make Monogram Personalized Gift Tags

1. First, you need to measure the diameter of the wooden bauble. Then set the compass paper cutter to this diameter.
measuring babule diameter

2. Next, using the compass cutter cut a circle of gift wrap to cover the face of the paper bauble.

cutting paper disc
Cutting wrapping paper disc

3. Next, decide on what letter you want for the personalized gift tags. Using a stencil draw out the letter on the back of the wrapping paper disc. Then using a craft knife cut out the letter.

Note, that as you will be drawing the letter on the back of the disc you will need to draw the mirror image of that letter.

cutting the monogram letter
cutting the monogram

4. Next, apply gold leaf the wooden bauble. If the wood is unfinished on the bauble, first cover the bauble face and edge with Mod Podge and leave it to dry. This will seal the wood.

Then apply the gilding paste around the edge of the bauble shape and on the face where the monogram letter will be. Leave the paste to dry for 15 minutes then apply the gold leaf using a clean dry brush.

applying gilding paste
Appling the gold leaf.

5. Then, once the gilding paste has fully dried, using a brush, brush away any excess gold leaf. The gold leaf that hasn’t stuck to the wooden bauble should just brush away on the personalized gift tag.

Then using Mod Podge stick the monogrammed gift paper disc to the front of the wooden bauble shape.

sticking on disc

I cut out several different letters to make monogrammed personalized bauble tags for all the members of my family.

monogrammed letter cut outs.

6. Finally, finish off the personalized gift tag baubles by adding some coloured velvet ribbon. I chose a colour that matched the floral wrapping paper on the front of the gift tag.

monogrammed gift tag
monogrammed personalized gift tags

As well as using these monogrammed baubles as personalized gift tags they can be hung as a decoration. You could even cut letters out to spell your favourite Christmas word and hang them in a garland across the mantle.

Monogram baubles hanging
monogram personalized gift tag ornaments

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Thursday 9th of January 2020

Your projects are always so unique! I've never worked with gold leaf before. Your ornament tags turned out great. I pinned a couple of your Valentine projects. I'm visiting from the Mad Skills Party. :)

Claire Armstrong

Friday 10th of January 2020

Thank you so much for visiting. Gold leaf is really easy to work with and I think adds a bit of glam to projects.

Michelle Leslie

Monday 23rd of December 2019

They look so lovely with the gold peeking through that beautiful paper Claire. Great idea and easy enough to adapt for any time of the year too.

Claire Armstrong

Monday 23rd of December 2019

Thank you, Michelle. Yes, I made a load to use for Birthdays as well as Christmas.