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How To Upcycle Ping Pong Bats Into Christmas Decorations

The other day when rummaging through my upcycling shed for some old knobs. I came across 2 rather battered ping pong bats. I loved the shape of them and thought that they looked a bit like baubles that’s when I got the idea to upcycle ping pong bats.

The ping pong bats were well past their best and were battered and worn. We used to have an outdoor table tennis table and I think the bats had been left out one too many times in the garden. That is why they were in such a bad state.

My husband and three sons are racquet sports fanatics. In the past, I have upcycled some of their old badminton shuttlecocks into Christmas angels. I thought it would be fun to add to that theme with these upcycled ping pong bats.

My boys are also big tennis and squash players too. If you have any ideas for Christmas upcycles themed around these sports I’d love to see them. The upcycled ping pong baubles do make for a fun Christmas decoration for sports fanatics.

Old ping pong bats

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What You Need To Make Ping Pong Baubles

How To Upcycle Ping Pong Bats

1. Firstly, remove the rubber pad from the front of the ping pong bats. Simply pull it away from the wood. If you are left with any residue sand it away.
removing rubber pad
Sanding ping pong bats

2. Next, spray paint the ping pong bats white or cream.

spray painted bats

3. Next, paint the ping pong bat handles black.

Painting the handles

4. Then, using the black drawing pen sketch out your bauble design onto the ping pong bats. I used similar bauble designs that I painted for my Christmas tree wall art.

Sketched out bauble design

5. This next bit is the fun bit of the ping pong bats upcycle. I coloured the bauble design using nail varnish pens. I decided to use the nail varnish as I thought they would give the painted baubles a nice shiny finish that would last. Plus I also came across the pens in my upcycling shed and wanted to use them.

Acrylic paints would work just as well though.

Painting the upcycle ping pong bats

6. Finally, to finish off the upcycle ping pong bats screw in a brass mug into the top of the handle. Then attach the gold velvet ribbon to the hook and hang the bauble from it.

Hanging the upcycle bauble from a frame

I loved upcycling the ping pong bat into a hanging handmade Christmas ornament I made another one. This time I coloured the bauble blue and green. I’m now on the lookout for more ping pong bats to upcycle into more colourful ornaments.

upcycle table tennis paddles ornament
handmade table tennis Christmas bats

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