DIY Used Postage Stamp Christmas Tags

DIY Postage Stamp Christmas Tags

Christmas Tags : I normally always make my own Christmas tags, in a previous I post showed my upcycled denim tags. These postage stamp Christmas tags are really easy to make and can be personalised to the recipient. They also cost very little and are a great way of repurposing old stamps.
Make some lovely personalised and unique Christmas tags using used postage stamps.
Postage Stamp Tags

How to Make Postage Stamp Tags

You need old used stamps for this, I already had a big pile of stamps at home in my craft cupboard. You can easily buy them very cheaply from ebay or even charity shops. In my stamp stash, I found lots of Christmas themed stamps which I kept to one side. I also picked out stamps that would be suited for the gift recipient. My father writes Wildlife books, so I picked out stamps with pictures of birds and animals for his gift tags. My husband loves skiing so I used a stamp with a picture of a skier on for his tag. The great thing about stamps is that there are loads of different pictures on them so it is easy to find something that will relate to the person you’re making the gift tag for.
Stamps for tags

  • Stamps
  • Kraft tags / luggage labels
  • Washi tape
  • Bakers Twine
  • Glue stick
    Stamp tags

  • Decide on which stamp you are going to use for your tag. Stick it to the Kraft tag with glue, then trim with washi tape and add bakers twine. The hardest thing is deciding on what stamp to use. The washi tape is optional, I had some Airmail and Postage themed washi tape so was determined to use this. Christmas washi tape also looks good with these tags
    stamp tags
     Postage Stamp Tags
    Postage Stamp Tags
    Diy Postage Stamp Tags -
    Postage Stamp Tags

    I love these tags as they kind of have a vintage vibe to them and it’s fun picking the right stamp for the right person. They are of course not just for Christmas you could use the same idea to make Birthday gift tags.

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    1. As a former stamp collector, I found these tags adorable! Now all I need is the extra time to devote to making them…maybe for next year!

      • Thank you, Kathy. I bet you have some lovely Christmas stamps in your collection.

    2. You’re going to get tired of me commenting, but I included these on a stamp project roundup and I love them! I even posted an update where I showed off my own version, but all credit went to you, of course! Such an easy and inexpensive idea. 🙂

      • Thank you, Angela. I like your tags too and the fact that you upcycled shop tags.

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    4. Another lovely project, Claire! Thank you for sharing @Vintage Charm–pinned!

    5. I have some vintage Christmas Seals stamps – I must confess I will be copying this idea for my Christmas cards this year. Thanks!

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    7. Awesome idea, Claire, and so easy to make. Am starting to save stamps from now on.

      • Claire Armstrong

        Thanks ! yes it’s a really easy craft and stamps are a great thing to re-use.

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    9. Thank you so much for linking up to the Mad Skills Link Party.   I will be featuring this tutorial in this month’s newsletter!

      • Claire Armstrong

        Thank you very much ! Merry Christmas

    10. wow! these are so fun! pinning to my diy gifts board.

      • Claire Armstrong

        Thank you ! I just looked are your diy gift boards there are some good pins on there.

    11. Lot these! Such a creative idea.

      • Claire Armstrong

        Thank you so much !

    12. I love these tags–they’re so much nicer and more personal than any you could buy!

      • Claire Armstrong

        Thank you ! I love to make things more personal.

    13. Love these and they are very vintage and look fantastic. You make lots of super cool things, you are very talented! You could extend the same idea to use on other stuff like notepads, cards or furniture like you did with your wonderful map chairs?

      • Claire Armstrong

        Thank you very much ! I like the idea of notepads and cards. You would need a lot of stamps for a chair but it is doable, mind you if I’ve done a Marimekko bench then I can do a stamp chair. Cheers and Merry Christmas !!

    14. These are great! Love them

      • Claire Armstrong

        Cheers and thank you !

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