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How To Make An Upcycled Denim Gift Tag

Transform old jeans into charming denim gift tags with our step-by-step tutorial. Ideal for adding a personal and sustainable touch to your gift wrapping, these denim tags are both practical and trendy. Learn how to craft these delightful tags and elevate your gift-giving game!

Every year I like to make my own Christmas gift tags, especially for my crafty pals who appreciate them.

In fact, my friend Wendy has kept all the tags I’ve made her over the years and hangs them on the tree.

Homemade gift tags

If you have been following my blog, you will know that I have a thing about repurposing my old jeans, and I have even compiled a comprehensive list of A to Z of denim crafts.

Homemade Monogram Denim gift tag

I even have a collection of denim crafts for Christmas. These monogram denim gift tags would be great for this holiday or to use with birthday gifts.

The monogrammed letter on the denim makes them a gift in themselves, and the personalized tags could be used as a bookmark afterwards.

I made one of these personalized gift tags for my son, and he has attached it to his school bag as an identifier. They would also make great keyrings.

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What you need to make Denim gift tags

How to Make a Monogrammed Denim Gift Tag

Step 1: First, using an old luggage label as a template, cut two pieces of denim for each tag allowing for a 5mm seam. I used denim in 2 different shades for each tag, one light and one dark.

tag template on denim
two pieces of denim

Step 2: Next, iron the 5mm seams down. If you snip the corners, you will find this easier. Then, pin the two pieces of denim wrong sides together.

Top tip: If you don’t want to sew the denim pieces together, you could glue them wrong sides together and this stage. (But they won’t look as good as the stitched denim tags).

pinned pieces

Step 3: Sew the two tag sides together using a sewing machine. It’s possible to do this by hand, but it is much quicker and easier on a machine.

If you use a thread in a contrasting colour, you can add something more to the tags. As my tags were for Christmas, I used a red thread for a more festive look.

Stitched denim tag

Step 4: To complete the tag look, use your eyelet tool to punch a hole in the tapered end of the tag. Then, place an eyelet rivet in your tag.

punching hole in denim

Step 5: To personalize your gift tag, paint the recipient’s initials onto the tag. I find that white acrylic paint and a stencil works well, like with my denim storage boxes.

All you need now is a bit of ribbon, and your unique denim gift tag is finished. I used a red velvet ribbon on my tags for a festive Christmas look.

To change them into a denim keyring, add a keychain in the hole instead of a ribbon.

Stenciling denim
Monogram Denim Gift Tags
Monogram Denim Gift Tag
Upcycled denim gift tags
Upcycled Monogrammed Denim Tag

You might want to check out my DIY postage stamp tags and my denim pocket organizer.

Another great use for denim scraps is to make denim feathers, which would also make fabulous gift toppers.

Upcycled Denim Gift tag- Made from old jeans they are a gift in themselves can be used as a bookmark or keychain.

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