DIY Handy Washi Tape Holder (Twine/Ribbon Holder)

DIY Washi Tape Holder

The other day I caught the New Year declutter and organise bug. Fortunately it wasn’t too serious, as it only got as far as my cocktail and craft cupboard. I have a bit of a washi tape habit which some of my relatives indulged by giving me even more for Christmas. I didn’t want to hide away my extensive collection, so I upcycled an old broom handle into a washi tape holder. If you’re more into twine than washi tape, this holder works just as well with either.
Make some great craft room storage by upcycling a broom handle into a washi tape holder.  Can also be used for ribbon and twine.
Cocktail and Craft cupboard including diy washi tape holder. Pillarboxblue

What you need to make a washi tape holder

  • An old broom handle approximately 120cm in length. Any old wooden pole will do, you could use an old curtain pole or parasol stand as long as the diameter of the pole is small enough to fit a roll of washi tape.
  • An piece of wood, could be from a pallet or scrap skirting. The piece I used was 10cm x 30cm x 1cm.
  • Drill
  • 5 wood screws 2cm long
  • Dark wood stain
  • Copper Spray paint
  • Tape and newspaper

    How to make a Washi Tape Holder

      Cut your pole into 5 pieces; 3X25cm and 2X20cm. The measurements don’t need to be exact but basically you need 3 long poles and 2 shorter ones.


      Next sand your wooden base piece and drill 5 spaced holes 2 at the front and three at the back. Place the wood screws into the holes from the base up.


      Drill small holes into the bottom of your pole pieces so that they can screw onto the wooden base.


      I wanted my washi tape holder to match my copper and denim craft caddy, so I stained all the wood with a dark oak wood stain. To introduce the copper, I spray painted the top of each pole and the edge of the base with copper spray paint.


      When you assemble your holder place the 2 shorter poles at the front and the larger ones at the back.

    DIY handy Washi tape holder
    DIY Handy Washi Tape Holder - PillarBoxBlue
    DIY washi tape holder _
    As I mentioned this holder could be used for twine instead of washi tape or both.
    DIY Twine Holder
    You may wonder what I do with all that washi tape, I use it to make cards, decorate wrapping paper and have decorated a chair with it in the past. There is even a blog dedicated to washi crafts;
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    9. This looks really cool! I have been wondering how to store my washi tape – so I will try this. Thanks for linking up to This is How We Roll linky party!

      • Claire Armstrong

        Thank you !

    10. Very neat idea! Love how you finished it with the copper on top!

      • Claire Armstrong

        Thank you ! Yeah I do love a bit of copper.

    11. I love this! So cute and it stores a ton of tape.

      • Claire Armstrong

        Thanks ! Great for people like me who have loads of tape.

    12. Wendy @ Living Almost Naturally

      Great idea for the tape holder! Thanks for sharing at #HomeMattersParty

      • Claire Armstrong

        Cheers ! Glad you liked it.

    13. Oh my goodness, this is genius! And I had to laugh at the fact that you have a “cocktail and craft” cabinet. 🙂 What better storage pairing could there be?? I have a blog that features upcycling projects, RoadKill Rescue, and I would love to feature this there. Would that be ok with you? (just a before and after photo, and a link) Have a great day!

      • Claire Armstrong

        Thanks ! Feel free to share as long as you link back. Unfortunately I don’t have my own craft room, so my crafts have to share space wherever they can, and like you say what better pairing than cocktails and crafts.

    14. Another fabulous project, too funny that the cabinet is for cocktails and crafts, I guess it is an either/or situation, as the two together could get dangerous. all the best!

      • Claire Armstrong

        Thanks ! I regularly hold cocktail and craft evenings with my friends which work well excepting if any knitting is involved as there often ends up with a few dropped stitches, but crochet is fine.

    15. Love this! Functional and beautiful! 🙂

      • Claire Armstrong

        Thanks it is really handy.

    16. This is so useful and so fun! I can never find my washi tape when I need it and this would definitely solve my problem! Thanks so much for linking up at The DIY Collective! We hope to see you next week 🙂

      • Claire Armstrong

        Thank you ! Yes I like having my washi tape on view so I can easily see it all

    17. love the upcycle thanks for sharing have a great day

      • Claire Armstrong

        Thank you very much !

    18. Wow, how cute is that? I’ve only recently caught the Washi tape bug but I do think it’s so fun to work with! My daughters love it, too. You’re quite ingenious to come up with and assemble that storage piece. Love the copper accents on the tops of the poles! xo Kathleen

      • Claire Armstrong

        Thank you ! Washi tape comes in so many adorable colours and patterns it’s hard to resist it.

    19. What a cool way to store Washi tape. I love it. Thanks for sharing at My Flagstaff Home!


      • Claire Armstrong

        Thank you !

    20. What a great idea!!! I don’t have much washi tape but I have loads of twine! That cabinet is stunning too!

      • Claire Armstrong

        Thanks ! The cabinet is one of my favourite upcycles and is really handy as a cocktail and craft cabinet.

    21. Oh wow Claire, this is beautiful! I love the metallic dip and your green cabinet is AMAZING!! It’s making me crave my craft room….its still unfinished. Thanks for the super cute idea! Pinning and sharing.

      • Claire Armstrong

        Thank you ! I don’t have a craft room as such so I share it with the dining room, hence the cocktail and craft cabinet. The cabinet is a junk piece I restored a couple of years ago, I love it too.

    22. Love this idea!! I happen to have a collection of twine that I would love to display and your tutorial seems pretty darn easy. Too cute. Sharing an pinning!

      • Claire Armstrong

        Thank you ! Yes it works really well with twine as well.

    23. So happy to have you join us in our Junk Revision Challenge. Great repurpose of a broom handle! I envy you your washi tape collection and need to get my supplies as organized as you have them! ;o)

      • Claire Armstrong

        Thank you ! Yes I can’t seem to resist a bit of washi tape !

    24. This is precious and I can think of a million things you could use it for. I’m lovin’ the copper too – mice touch!!!

      • Claire Armstrong

        Thanks ! I can’t resist a splash of copper.

    25. WOW!!! This is sooo creative! I absolutely love this idea. I might just have to make one of my own. Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

      • Claire Armstrong

        Thank you ! Glad you liked it.

    26. Claire, this is a cool way to organize washi tape and twine!!! I like the copper accents you gave your broomstick organizer!! Great job!!

      • Claire Armstrong

        Thank you very much ! I can’t resist a bit of copper.

    27. Oh my! Now you have me wishing I could make a few of these today – they would be awesome for tape and ribbon too! LOVE the gold tips 🙂 Great job.

      • Claire Armstrong

        Thanks ! I’m sure there are loads of things that it can be used for, ribbon storage is a good idea.

    28. Love your idea for washi tape storage. Great mind work in the same way, lol…. Cathy

      • Claire Armstrong

        Thanks very much !

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