It’s so Easy to Paint Your Own Giant Wall Art

A simple way to paint your own giant wall art

As well as crafting, I love to paint. Not having a formal art background has never stopped me from painting and creating. My craft buddy Wendy and I have a thing about painting our dogs, admittedly she is a bit better at it than I am, but that doesn’t stop me.
By showing how Wendy painted a giant posterized portrait of her dog Lottie, I’ll show you how easy it is to create your own giant wall art.
It is a bit like the painting by numbers you may have done as a child.
A great tutorial to show you how easy it is to paint your own giant wall art.  It's like painting by numbers.  you could do a portrait of your pet or a loved one.
How to paint your own giant wall art
To create your own artwork is easier than you think, all it takes is a bit of practice and confidence. My house is full stuff I’ve painted, not because I necessarily think it’s brilliant but because I’ve created it and it’s personal to me and my family.
After visiting art galleries and exhibitions I often come away feeling inspired. I tap into that inspiration by painting my dog Toby in the style of the artist’s exhibition I have just been to.
In fact my husband’s favourite painting (chalks actually), is “the woof” instead of the scream. I painted Toby in the style of Munch after visiting the museum in Oslo, just for a bit of fun.
The Woof
The many styles of Toby
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What you need to paint your own giant posterized portrait

  • Giant canvas – You can either buy this from an art shop, or do what Wendy and I do which is buy our canvases in the sales or junk shops. We just then paint over the existing artwork with white emulsion paint, to create a cheap white blank canvas.

  • Some form of projector, art projector or overhead projector. You can buy overhead projectors cheap on ebay or you maybe able to borrow one from a school or work.

  • Paints, we tend to paint in acrylics or gouache.
    _DSC0195 sm

    Easy way paint your own giant posterized portrait


    1. First take a picture of your pet, either with a camera or even better on your phone using one of the many photo filtering apps. There are some fantastic free apps that will turn any picture into geometric art. Polygen is one that I use.

    2. Once you are happy with your picture print it out onto an A4 transparency. So that you can project the image onto your canvas.
      _DSC1122 sm

    4. Once you image is projected on to your white canvas simple trace round the image with a light pencil.
      _DSC0002 sm

    6. As I said this is a bit like painting by numbers so using your original posterized picture work out your colour chart for the wall art. Giving each colour a number and then writing the number on the right place on the canvas.
      How to paint your own giant wall art
      _DSC1121 sm

    8. Start painting, I just start wherever I fancy and continue until finished. You may want to complete your painting over a couple of sessions.

    How to paint your own giant wall art

    How to paint your own giant wall art
    How to paint your own giant wall art
    How to paint your own giant wall art _
    Giant Pet Portrait tutorial
    Personally I love Wendy’s portrait of Lottie and thinks it looks fabulous in her house. Everyone who visits admires her art work especially when they realize it’s Lottie in the painting. I can’t wait to create my own paint by numbers giant wall art of Toby.
    If you like this then you may like the tutorial I did on how to create a Map Art Pet Collage portrait.
    Are often around us when we craft and we have even made them some fantastic upcycled denim dog toys.
    Buster and Toby with their homemade denim dog toys full tutorial given.


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    1. Duncan,stewart

      Can’t,wait,to get,started,nama,stay,duncan!!!

    2. Can you tell me specifically what app you used to make this picture? I love it and I tried the one you mentioned in the post but it doesn’t have nearly the detail that yours has. Thanks!

      • It was my friend’s son who did it in photoshop using one of their filters. There are a few other apps like Poly Gen you could try.

    3. Love it so much, I have a boxer and collie, could you tell me how it was photoshopped, ie in what art style cos it’s fantastic xx

      • Thank you, Helen. My friend did the photoshopping but now you can get apps that will do the geometric filter for you such as Polygen.

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    6. This is sooo amazing! I would do a giant bunny. I just got a projector although it is not an overhead art one, it is one you hook up to a dvd/computer. I bet I could do it with a picture from my computer easily though. Thanks for the inspiration!

      • Thank you. I’m sure the computer projector will probably work even better.

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    8. Thank you for your tutorial – I have always wanted to do this! I have the giant thrift canvas ready to go, and the perfect pic of my pup, however I’m struggling with getting the image just right. I am using Photoshop CC but when I posterize the pic it doesn’t have jagged/sharp edges like yours, it has several more rounded edges. I can reduce the levels but it doesn’t seem to get the same affect as yours. I’ve tried several different photos. Can you offer any tips to help me adjust my pics to get a simple look like yours, please?

      • Hi Katy, glad to see you are giving it ago. My friend Wendy did the initial picture on Photoshop, I know she used filters to posterize the picture, and I think she used the pen tool to sharpen some of the edges. Unfortunately she’s on holiday at the moment and I can’t quizz her more about it but will when she gets back. Sorry I can’t be more helpful for now. What kind of dog is your pup ?

    9. Thank you so much for this. I’ve been ‘umming and dithering about doing something huge for my living room and this has given me the push I needed.
      P,s, I love Lottie

      • Thank you ! and good luck with it. Do you have a pet you’re going to paint ?

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    11. This is a really cool idea! I wouldn’t have thought about the phone/filter to projector idea!

      • Thank you ! It works really well, I’m planning on doing another picture using this method.

    12. Thanks for including my tutorial on diy paint by numbers! I love how your pup art turned out!!

    13. this is wonderful! I think I will try it with fabric! If I actually get anywhere, I will send you some pictures.

    14. Wow! just Wow! Love this giant work of art. You and Wendy both are super talented! I love your different artworks of Toby, how cool is that. Thanks for breaking down how to do this, it looks simple enough and I would so love to give this a try. Somehow I see my skill level of painting ending in a major fail, but this tutorial would sure make for a great try.

      • Thank you ! You should give it ago it is easier than you think, like painting by numbers.


      • Thank you, and definately give it ago. I bet if you do you’ll be really pleased with the results.

    16. Bambi@QueenBtellsall

      I love this! Such a great tutorial. I love to paint art for my home and never considered posterizing a photo and painting it. I have to try this now. Thanks!

      • Thanks, you should definitely give it ago, the results are very satisfying.

    17. As an art history major and a dog lover I just ADORE this! I am a bit late to the TOHOT party this week due to my college semester finals but I’m so glad that I didn’t miss this. Have a wonderful week.

    18. What a fun idea, it looks brilliant and so straightforward to do. We don’t have a furry pet so I’d have to think about what I’d do, maybe a favourite holiday location?

    19. That came out awesome! I would love to have a large wall art version of my chihuahua – I’ll have to give your technique with the projector a try.

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    21. I really liked this idea. But you also had a great tip and that was collecting old canvases and painting over them. I’m only a beginner but appreciate your help.

      • Thank you, yes I’m always picking up old unwanted canvases and reprainting them.

    22. This is amazing and you have inspired me.
      I love creating things for my home or making over a found item but I have never felt confident painting art work.
      You have inspired me!

      Thank you for joining us at TOHOT!

      White Spray Paint

      • Thank you ! Go for it it’s worth a try, you will be surprised about what you can do.

    23. That is pretty awesome! Pets are so important to us and I would love to have a portrait of my dog and cat. The graphic quality of this is really neat.

      Happy Thoughts of Home. 😉

      • Thank you ! I do love having my dog as my muse as well as my running partner.

    24. This is very fun! I’ve been painting animal portraits but never had the nerve to go so BIG! But maybe with the transperancy method, I could. Thanks for the tips!

    25. I was just wondering how to posterize the picture. Which filter did you use on paper camera? I really love this painting and hope to recreate it of my own chihuahua terrier!

      • I just saw the above comment. I will try photoshop.

    26. I really love this and now I found someone new to follow on Pinterest.
      One question though. I went ahead and downloaded paper camera but can’t figure out which style of drawing or picture you used. I can’t seem to get a good rendition of my scruffy dog like yours.

      • That picture of Lottie was done on photoshop but I have used Paper camera before to get a simplified picture to paint, that it is why I recommended it as I know not everyone has access to photoshop. There are other photo apps that posterise but I haven’t tried them. Let me know how you get on.

    27. Very clever and creative. We dogs lovers really appreciate something like this! Thank you for sharing at DI&DI.

    28. I will have to paint a picture of my boxer! Thanks!

    29. This is such a great project and tutorial…thank you! Following on Bloglovin!

    30. Of course I LOVE this. A) It has a dog B) It involves paint. Two of my very favorite things. It doesn’t get any better than this!! 🙂 Hugs, Jenny

    31. So cool! I wondered how these large paintings were done. Thanks so much for sharing with us at Merry Monday.

    32. This is a really great tutorial! I don’t know if I would ever have the nerve to tackle a project like this. My husband is the artist in the family and we have a wall just waiting for a painting. Thank you for linking up with us at Celebrate Your Story and we hope to see you again soon.

      • Thank you ! It is a lot easier then you think so you should give it ago.

    33. Hi Claire…I found your link on the Sweet Inspirations link party. This is totally awesome! I will have to try it for my own pets…pinning!

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    39. Absolutely stunning Claire! I love the technique you used. Pinning!

    40. Amazing work and fantastic tutorial! It looks stunning on your wall, Claire.
      You’re featured at this week’s Homemade and Handcrafted! Thank you so much for sharing with us!

    41. Hi! I love your work, it’s amazing! I was thinking if you can give me the original photo of te Pet or the website or Link that you Get the photo, please!!!! :-)!

      • Thank you ! Unfortunately I don’t have the original photo but there is a picture of the original image that was projected in the blog post.

    42. This is so cool! Very creative! Thank you for sharing at #HomeMattersParty

    43. Wow! That turned out amazing. So fun, and you make it look pretty easy to do… one step at a time. I might have to try to do one of my cats someday. I love all your dog paintings done in the different styles too. Thanks so much for sharing at Vintage Charm.!

    44. Look’s like my daughters dog,great Job

    45. wow, so much fun, can’t wait to see your version too! I’m actually starting taking real painting lessons, you know like with oil, but am going the palette knife instead of brush techniqe for starters so as to learn how to paint semi abstract paintings sort of quickly…..cause I’m never going to have time to actually try to paint something that looks real, or people for that matter! Thanks for sharing on craft schooling Sunday!

      • Thank you! I haven’t painted in oils yet but will do hopefully soon. Good luck with your painting course.

    46. I love your gallery of Toby done in different techniques. And the tutorial you did is very good. I’m all for original artwork in the home.

      • Thank you very much. Yes it’s lovely having a home full of original art.

    47. So super cute! I love the huge size. I did something very similar which you can find on my blog but sadly not as large as you have done. Absolutely adorable and well done.

      • Thank you ! I’ll look out for it. You should try a huge one next time it’s kind of fun to do.

    48. I love the idea of painting a pet in the different styles of art. Creative and clever!

      • Thank you ! yeah it’s good fun painting the dog in different styles. I was thinking perhaps a Van Gough next, painting him with a bandaged ear.

    49. Totally adorable dog (but they are active!!), and what a great way to memorialize a pet or any special occasion/person. Thank you for the tutorial. Visiting from Vintage Charm. 🙂

    50. Oh my gosh… I am going to do this of my pug!!!!! Brilliant idea.

    51. Cute doggie! 😉

    52. From another dog lover, what a great show of love you’ve created for your four-legged friend. Love the idea of blowing up a photo via projector for ease of painting. I certainly don’t trust my freehand skills! Visiting from Vintage Charm.

      • Thank you ! You should give it ago it’s a lot easier than you think.

    53. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

    54. Thank you for the inspiration and great tutorial 🙂 This will be fun to try. Had to laugh at the cat….(s)he looks super unimpressed, lol.

      • Thank you ! Yeah I don’t think the cat liked the dog getting all the attention.

    55. What an incredibly talented friend you have Claire! Wendy x

    56. totally cool! I was telling Kristina about doing similar for a big wall mural so glad to see how it’s done! Thanks for sharing and the tute! Over from Handmade party.

      • Thank you and you’re welcome.

        • Hi, I was wondering if that was your post on Hometalk with the wallpaper back splash behind your stove top. I’m sorry but more interested in the brand of the stove. Please provide & advise if you like it. love the look of it & am in the market for a new one.

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